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Fun story. Recently, Earl from Indiana stopped by the shop for some machine work to be done. Coincidentally or not, it was also "international rip on Millenials day" (at Justin and Prez's expense). About a week later, he sent us this awesome email:

Kenny. Received my head, cylinder, and parts today. I wanted to thank you and your team for providing top quality machining services and attention to detail. You also went out of your way to talk to me and show me around the Cycle X nerve center, it was greatly appreciated.

Lastly I wanted to say that both packages arrived in perfect condition. This was most certainly due to the packaging skills of an unsung Millennial hero (see Millennials do have a purpose in life LOL).

Would not want to pay your tape bill.


Earl Reinhold. AKA Jim





Here's some cool additions to our collection of machinery from our recent YouTube preview...



Top End Machining and Services
Boring Services:


Torque Plate Bore & Honing:


(Click for an expanded view.)

Welcome to the 70's.

We see big bore cylinders from the olden days like this all the time. This is another example of what not to do!

The cylinder was bored to accept larger sleeves and not final honed for accuracy and to get a nice finished area for the sleeves.
If you look close there is quite a bit of loctite or sealant to stop oil from leaking upwards or the sleeves getting loose.

Because this sloppy work will let oil travel up and out thru the cylinder fins, they had an idea: "Let's pack gobs of silicone between the cylinder to prevent oil from leaking."

By doing machine work in this manner, the cylinder sleeves will loosen up and start rotating in the alloy cylinder block. Sleeves rotating in the bore happens from time to time, but this can be catastrophic if you have a stroker crankshaft and notched sleeves for connecting rod clearance.

All of the above mentioned problems could be avoided if the cylinder block was bored then "honed" afterwards.
Boring then honing cylinder block is a procedure that we follow on all big bore cylinders.
It's not polite to mention names where this cylinder was machined, so we won't.

Rocker Arm Lightening:

Same technique used in our vintage road racer.
When high level acceleration is needed, every detail is important.


Honda CB750 Rocker Arm Refurbishing:

Welded and ground to perfection.
$65.00 each rocker arm

$492.00 (Set of 8)












Upper Case Boring
This procedure is needed for big bore applications when large sleeves are installed.
$100.00 (Studs removed)
Head, cylinder etc.
Big Bore Cylinder Work (900cc and above)
Includes: Glass bead cylinder, remove sleeves, surface bottom of block, bore and hone block and install sleeves, surface top, bore and final hone.

Big, Big Bore Cylinder Work
Same as above. But, when boring cylinder blocks for big piston sleeves the boring bar will break thorough the inner portion of the cylinders exposing the sleeves to atmosphere.
These exposed sleeves will sometimes allow oil to creep up from the under side and cause a oil leak.
In the 70's era, people would pack the exposed area with silicone to slow the leaks.

Our deluxe version of big bore sleeve installation includes:
Removing the stock sleeves - Glass bead the cylinder - Surface the bottom of the cylinder - Bore the block -
Weld exposed areas and final bore and hone - Install big sleeves and bore and final hone - Surface the top
Drill disc (Rotor) 180 holes

Disc surfacing
(To clean up)
$65.00 ea

Disc thinning
(To 5mm)
$95.00 ea

Drum turning
(Unlaced bare drum)

Drum turning
(Still laced to the rim)
Bore and Hone (Budget Version)
1st over to 849cc.
Includes: Surface top, bore and hone. Glass beading not included. (Can include torque plates for another $60.)
Heli-Coil Installation
6mm 1.0 12mm long (12mm longer for more bolt support)
$19.00 each (parts and labor)

Spark Plug Heli-Coil

$25.00 (parts and labor)
Bore and Hone (Deluxe Version)
Includes: Glass bead cylinder, surface top, install (6) Heli-coils with race proven 12mm long coils for added support, bored, beveled and final honed. (Can include torque plates for another $60.)
Welded Valve Cover
These procedure is used by many race teams that are looking for added support for the cam tower when big cams and heavy springs are used.
Bore and Hone (Super Deluxe Version) "Torque Plates"
This super deluxe bore and hone version has the same procedures as the deluxe version listed above. The torque plates are bolted to the cylinder to simulate the motor being bolted together. This procedure is used by the top engine builders worldwide.


Head Work


Labor and machine work includes:
All refurbished head procedures include glass beading and inspection.
After the inspection, the valve guides are removed and new guides are installed with our Cycle X procedure. The guides virtually follow the same path and makes valve jobs a breeze. Many machine shops use drifts to remove and install guides. Drifting in valve guides can cause 2 problems. First, the valve guides never seem to follow the same path in the head as the removed guides. Second, the inside bore of the drifted guides can cause a "S" bend on the inside. This "S" bend problem is generally seen on bronze guides installed with a drift.

After reaming and honing the valve guides, the seats are given a multi-angle valve job to manipulate the lapping line or contact area where needed. Once the contact area is in the desired area, the valve job is finished off with a 75 degree cut angle approx. .240 deep on the intakes to greatly improve flow. This area of the seat is the most important and is used by top engine builders in the auto and motorcycle industry. 
Finally, The 45 degree is touched off with 150 finishing green stone. Once again, used by top engine builders.
The head is then surfaced to insure flatness and head gasket sealing.
Cleaned, install valve guide seals and install springs as required.


#1 Head Option
Disassemble head.
Clean head and glass bead to inspect. (glass bead complete head)
Remove valve guides.
Surface both sides of the head.
Install  guides and ream.
Valve job.
Up to 4 Heli-coils will be installed at no additional cost
(additional coils will be $19.00 ea)
Note: This #1 head option will need to be assembled by the customer (to save you a bit of money) 

$325.00 (Labor only)
#2 Head Option
Disassemble head.
Clean head and glass bead to inspect. (glass bead complete head)
Remove valve guides.
Surface both sides of the head.
Install guides and ream.
Valve job.
Cam tower bolt holes will be Heli-coiled with our longer coils. ( additional coils will be $19.00 ea)
Head will cleaned and spring height will be set.
Assemble head (ready to bolt on)

$399.00 (Labor only)
#3 Head Option (Ported)
Disassemble head.
Clean head and glass bead to inspect. (glass bead complete head)
Remove valve guides.
Surface both sides of the head.
Race port head (up to 915cc)
Install  guides and ream.
Finalize port work
Valve job.
Cam tower bolts will be Heli-coiled with our longer coils
Note: Over size intake valve labor and modification will be an additional 75.00
This # 3 package will need to be cleaned and assembled by the customer (to save you a bit of money)

$675.00 (Labor only)

#4 Head Option (Ported)
Disassemble head.
Clean head and glass bead to inspect. (glass bead complete head)
Remove valve guides.
Surface both sides of the head.
Race port head (up to 915cc)
Install guides and ream.
Finalize port work.
Valve job.
Cam tower bolts will be Heli-coiled with our longer coils.
Spring heights will be set (cam choice will be needed)
Head will be cleaned, assembled and ready to install.
Note: Over size intake  valve labor and installation will be an additional  $75.00

$775.00 (Labor only)


#5 Head Option (Road race version)
Same head used on our
vintage road racer.
Relocated intakes, "D" shaped exhaust ports, 5mm valve stem kit etc.
Want to be a winner?

$2800.00 (Parts and labor)
 Cylinder Plating
Nickel/silicon carbide plating is used the world over (including us).

Plate alloy sleeved cylinder.

Plate cast iron sleeves for the same benefits as alloy plated cylinders.


Big Bore Combustion Chamber Blending

This combustion chamber service will perfectly match your larger cylinder bore to your combustion chamber.

This procedure is done to any bore size and is accomplished on our milling machine for extreme accuracy.

$129.00 (Parts and labor)




F-2 Drain Hole Modification

As great as Honda is and was...a mistake was made.
4 cylinder studs are exposed through the fins in the head which could allow dirt and road debris to enter the lower end.
Honda tried to correct this problem by putting large O rings at the bottom of the studs to prevent water and debris from entering the motor.
Here is what we do, drain holes are drilled and honed to accept brass tubes. Brass tubes are pressed into place and problem solved.

$129.00 (Parts and labor)


Lower End Machining and Services

Crank Work

Crank (Stock Weight) Balancing (Deluxe Version)
Balanced with journal oil holes relieved, soda blasted , micro polished and oil hole ball bearings are removed and tapped for socket style plugs. Cleaned and ready to go.


"The word tolerance is only a crutch for sloppy work."
-Ken (Cycle X)



Lightened and Balanced  (Most Popular)
Lighted, balanced, deburred, journal oil holes relieved, soda blasted, micro polished and oil hole ball bearings are removed and tapped for socket style plugs. Cleaned and ready to go.


Lightened and Balanced  (Race Version)
Lighted, balanced, deburred, journal oil holes relieved, soda blasted, micro polished and oil hole ball bearings are removed and tapped for socket style plugs.
Balance holes are welded to reduce air and oil windage (turbulence).
This modification will allow your high revving motor to spin happy and free. Cleaned and ready to go.


Cycle X (Pork Chop) Super Crank
This super crank is for you serious race folks.
Cycle X super cranks weigh about 15.8 lbs (stock is 22.8. Although stock cranks vary in weight a bit)
Lighted, balanced, deburred, journal oil holes relieved, soda blasted, micro polished and oil hole ball bearings are removed and tapped for socket style plugs. Cleaned and ready to go.


Cycle X (Pork Chop) Super Duper Race Crank.
This super crank is for you serious race folks.
Cycle X super cranks weigh about 15.8 lbs (stock is 22.8, although stock cranks vary in weight a bit).
Lighted, balanced, deburred, journal oil holes relieved, soda blasted , micro polished and oil hole ball bearings are removed and tapped for socket style plugs. Balance holes are welded to reduce air and oil windage (turbulence)
This modification will allow your high revving motor to spin happy and free. Cleaned and ready to go.


Alternator Balance Only
We have seen alternators out of balance up to 4 grams. Add an out of balance crankshaft and...well, you know.


Lightened and Balanced Alternator
We have seen alternators out of balance up to 4 grams. Add an out of balance crankshaft and...well, you know.


Performance Notice: PVD coating process (NANO technologies) is one of secrets of the Cycle X vintage road racer.
This coating is used on rod bearings, main bearings, roller bearings, needle bearings, valve stems and anything that moves.
Sputtering this Moly disulfide coating will hold oils on the part, reduce friction, reduce heat and is great for long period sittings and cold startups.   

This YouTube video shows how smooth a well balanced Honda CB750 can be. This particular motor had the crankshaft, alternator and clutch hub/chain wheel balanced.

This is our Cycle X crankshaft balancing chart to show how our crankshaft balancing is second to none. Check it out.



Refurbished Chain Wheel Cush Drives and Balancing

Note: Before we go any further with our explanation of cush drives and rebuilding cush drives, we must mention that Honda has not offered these parts for years. Secondly, most racers and people that are desperate for a fix will use "O" ring material sold in bulk and cut it to size. The trouble with "O" ring material sold in bulk is the fluctuation of the outside diameter and the rubber quality itself.

Note: It is not uncommon for the outside diameter of "O" material to fluctuate .030 or more.
Introducing the Cycle X Nitrile blended molded cush drive rubbers with 85 +/- Durometer hardness.


This addition to our refurbished Honda CB750 section is something that many people are aware of, but sometimes ignore. Meaning, the cush drive rubbers on the inside of the hub that are disintegrated about 50% of the time. Call it father time or they just lead a hard life.

So here is what we do...

We disassemble the cush drive and glass bead for inspection. The inner portion of the hub is drilled and tapped for screws to replace the long rivets installed by Honda to hold the drive together.

Before installing the new cush drive rubbers, we measure the amount of deflection or wobble the two sprockets have. Most hubs have different measurements. But, they generally deflect or wobble over 2mm measured by the outer tooth area, relying on the cush rubbers to keep things somewhat stable.

With that said, we surface the outer plates and machine the inner portion to reduce this deflection and wobble.

Before we install the specific length and material cush drive rubbers, we remove and install (2) new needle bearings on the inside.
The cush drive is now assembled and ready to go.

By the way...
Like crankshafts and alternator rotors, the cush drives and outer steel clutch hubs are not balanced.

As an option, we are also offering balancing the cush drive and outer steel clutch hub as a unit.

Because real life story's are sometimes better than written words. Our Honda cb750 vintage heavyweight super-bike road-racer had this same cush drive process done to it in 2012 and the motor is still together and running strong after all these years. The bike was sold and is still racing in Ireland.

Exchange basis:
Send your cush drive chain wheel (estimated time for repair is 24 to 48 hrs)
Parts and labor

Balancing cush drive and outer steel clutch hub.

Exchange basis only - Call to order (for labor to rebuild or for balancing)

$175 parts and labor to rebuild your cush drive hub.
$125.00 for parts. (Cycle X cush rubbers and screws)
$75.00 for balancing.






Engine Case Main Bearing Alignment Repair

Ever notice Honda CB750 main crankshaft bearings have rub marks here and there in a random manner? Ever wonder why Eraldo Ferracci suggested to tighten the main bearing bolts in 2 lb increments checking for a binding crankshaft and recording the torque figure at bind?

We applied blue dye to the engine case main bearing bores to exaggerate our observations years ago for photo purposes.

After applying the blue dye for photo purposes, we inserted our special machined alignment tool, torqued the main bearing bolts and rotated the tool. This procedure exposed tight areas, barely visible nicks in the main bearing area and possibly slight warpage.

Due to the fact that Honda main bearing clearances are generally in the .0015 to .002 range and Plastigage gauge measuring is a crude form of measuring in many circles. This sends up a few red flags about crankshaft alignments. Line boring the cases is not an option because of oversize bearing availability.

The 2nd photo (hard to see) shows these random rub marks with .002 Plastiguage clearances. To help with this potential problem is to remove the high spots, nicks and such ONLY with our special tool and procedure. After the crankshaft is reinserted in the cases and torqued, the crankshaft spins noticeably easier.

Happy motor!

Send engine cases and case bolts (Clean would be appreciated)

Call to order





Vapor blasting!

More pricing coming soon!







Cycle X Race Transmissions

* Glass bead gear assemblies for inspection. (Also, makes them purdy)
* Magnaflux gears (Generally an additional cost elsewhere, not here)
* Undercut gears (A must for Hot-rod Honda SOHC's)

Send us your transmission. We will inspect it and send you back one of these race prepared transmissions.
If your transmission is bad, don't worry. 
We have race transmissions in stock, ready to go.

$385.00            ENL-011-PRO (Pro cut)
"Your transmission redone on exchange"


Cycle X Race Team Approved




Cycle X Race Cut Transmission Gear Clusters there is no reason not to update your anciently designed Honda CB750 transmission with our Cycle X race cut transmission gear clusters.

These 2nd, 3rd and forth race-cut gear clusters are in stock and ready for assembly by the customer. (1st and 5th gears do not need race cutting) If you are uneasy with the assembly procedure, we will do it for you.

Note: Honda transmissions can be interchanged from year to year. So, send us your old gears for identification purposes and we will send you the race proven, race cut transmission clusters. Or see identification information below.

On Exchange Basis

Call To Order

ENL-RCTG-PRO     $289.00 (Pro cut)

** Click For Gear Identification **




Cycle X Individual Race Gears

* Individual gear clusters
* Glass bead gear assemblies for inspection.
* Magnaflux gears
* Undercut gears
* Send yours for exchange


$139.00 (Pro cut)


$139.00 (Pro cut)


$139.00 (Pro cut)



ENL-012-PRO (Pro cut)



2nd and 3rd gear clusters are the non-dropout bushing style. Bushing is part of the female gear.

During the production years, Honda changed the tooth count on the 2nd and 4th gears.

Click on GEAR IDENTIFICATION to see if yours is an early or late 2nd and/or 4th gears.

On Exchange Basis

** Click For Gear Identification **




Coated Transmissions
Slick shifting, super smooth anti-friction coated transmissions.
These transmissions are for you people that want every advantage in acceleration over the competition.
Kit includes:
Shift shaft
Shift drum
Shift forks
Main shaft
Counter shaft
All the gears as shown

Exchange basis
Call for more information and to order!



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Miscellaneous Machining and Services

Cycle X Rebuilt Carb Program

Basic Rebuild
 Disassemble to inspect. Ultrasonic cleaned. Reassemble using new float components and gaskets.
 Bench sync'd
Early (69-76) $250.00
 Late (77-78) $285.00



 Rebuild with Jetting Modifications
Many folks are using modified air boxes, free flowing individual air filters and such. Due to the fact that jet kits are unavailable for these bikes, we
 needed to develop our own modifications to make these bikes run well.  Simply tell us motor mods, air cleaner selection, exhaust choice and
 we will adjust your carburetors accordingly.  Disassemble to inspect. Ultrasonic cleaned. Reassemble using new float
 components and gaskets.  Bench sync'd and jetting modifications.
 Early (69-76)  $280.00
 Late (77-78) $295.00



DOHC Carbs
Starting at $300.00, Call for estimate.

In some cases it could be very difficult to jet or modify carbs for spot-on performance when alterations are made, other than stock. 
(Turning screws, raising or lowering needle clip positions or possible jet changes might be needed.)

DOHC Carbs
Call for Pricing
Air cut out valves are $ 20.00 Each.




Honda DOHC Carb Jet Kit

Honda cb750, 900 DOHC carburetors can be a pain if air filter pods or exhaust system changes are made.
Here is a jet kit to help with your Honda project bike. Many people try jetting their bikes by just changing main or pilot jets with know real progress. These kits have plenty of jets, but the needles are the science and cover a wide range of throttle positions.

JET-001     $125.00




500/550 Carbs

Ultra Sonic Cleaning, New Gaskets, Replace Float Needle.

Basic Rebuild - $260

Rebuild w/ Jetting Modifications - $275


Wheel Lacing and Truing


Vapor Blasting
Call for pricing.



Words of Wisdom from a Honda Wrench

In 1970, Italian born Eraldo (Harold) Ferracci went to work for Chiaccio Motors in Riverside, New Jersey.  During the normal 9:00 to 5:00 work week, he works as their shop foreman.  But come the weekends, and he can be found at one of the National Drag Racing Events from California (Freement or Irwindale) to Kentucky (Bowling Green) to Florida (Tampa or Orlando).  Eraldo started drag racing Hondas in 1970 with a slightly modified CB 750.  From that time on, he's been running in the modified classes and more recently, in the "B" Gas class 1162 cc.  In 1975, when the smoke finally cleared, he came out number 5 in Overall National Competition with his fastest time posted in Florida at 9. 36 E.T., 146 MPH.  The racing world is nothing new to Eraldo.  In Italy at  age 11, he worked part time for then World Champion 500 Gilera rider, Libero Liberati.  At age 18, he went to work for Benelli R & D and was part of their factory road racing team from 1962 to 1966.  Space prevents us from listing all of his activities for the "competition".  But from 1963 to 1964, he was National Champion in 125 cc Class.  Benelli brought him to the U.S. to assist with their mini-bike marketing program and, in 1967, to assist their road racer Bertorelli.  Later, he worked with others to organize Benelli's training center and service department.  But his racing activities continued including flat track, TT as well as road racing.  Riders he has worked with include Gary Nixon, Dick Mann, Ronnie Rall, Eddie Wurth and Elliot Schultz.

Besides his current racing activities, Eraldo is involved with Ravesi, Norris, R.C. Engineering, Venolia and MPC in developing different types of mostly top end related parts.  He does all of his cylinder head work himself.

Eraldo offers us some words of wisdom for the serious engine builder.  He tells us that anytime you are installing a crank on a CB750, be it a new part or one you're going to re-use, you must measure each main and rod pin for out-of-round or taper with an outside micrometer.  After that's done, lay the crank alone without rods in the cases with the bearings that are called for from the chart.  Lay in your pieces of plastigage; put on the lower case half; and torque to 16 ft. lbs.  Eraldo does this platigage check four different places around each main and rod journal.

After cleaning all traces of plastigage, again lay in the bare crank.  Don't get any oil between bearing shell and cases.  Put on bottom case half, torque all the main bolts up to 10 ft. lbs. and hand spin the crank, making sure of its free rotation.  Torque all bolts another 2.0 ft. lbs. and again check for free rotation.  Eraldo keeps torquing in 2 ft. lb. increments until he reaches 16 ft. lbs.  If you can find one particular bolt that's keeping the crank from spinning, note on the case the level it can be torqued to without stopping the crank's movement.  On final engine assembly torque it to this figure.  As long as it's above the 12.0 ft. lb. level the bolt will stay and not cause any problems.  Measure, checking and rechecking is essential if you expect the engine to perform reliably, especially under the extreme conditions of racing.  "Above all" according to Eraldo (Perhaps paraphrasing an old Italian (?) saying), "cleanliness in engine work is next to Godliness".




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