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Check out our line of Cycle X Apparel. The retro, vintage look is the new "in" thing right now...don't be caught going down the road on your Honda without it!

Cycle X Window Decals!
Size: 18" x 11"
AP-013    $30.00



NEW! A must have item straight out from the 70's, these patches are Vintage they weren't made after 79'. Snap em' up while they are still in stock! A perfect edition to your vest, jacket or Cycle X shop shirt! Again, these are not "re-pops" they are original!

$10.95  AP-001

4.0" x 2.0"

$10.95    AP-002

4.0" x 2.0"


$29.95   AP-004

9.0" x 5.0"

$29.95   AP-005

11.0" x 4.00


Cycle X Banner
$19.99         AP-000

Call for availability


Shop Shirts:


-Heavy Duty button down shop shirt (the same we wear everyday). Great for all applications: riding, everyday shop use, out on the town, etc...these shirts scream the vintage look.*

-Heavy duty fabric proven to last

-Complete with Vintage "Cycle X" Piston chest patch (Measures 4.25")

-Complete with Vintage "Cycle X" Racer back patch (Measures 11.00")

-Assembled in the USA

-Also Available in Long Sleeve

-Allow 1 Week For Monogrammed Items

Short Sleeve-Shop Shirt:             $49.99   AP-006

Add Name (Optional N/C)

Long Sleeve-Shop Shirt:       $59.99    AP-007

Add Name (Optional N/C)

Shop Jackets:

-Heavy Duty Shop Jacket (the same we wear everyday-when its chilly at least). Great for all applications: riding, everyday shop use, out on the town, etc...these jackets scream the vintage look.*

-Heavy duty fabric proven to last

-Complete with Vintage "Cycle X" Piston chest patch (Measures 4.25")

-Complete with Vintage "Cycle X" Racer back patch (Measures 11.00")

-Assembled in the USA

-Quilted material proven to keep you warm

-Internal hidden cuffs

-Hip length

-Allow 1 Week For Monogrammed Items

Cycle X Shop Jacket:          $99.95        AP-008

Add Name (Optional N/C)



T-Shirts, Hats & Beanies:


NEW! Tanks for the ladies...

Cycle X Tank with piston "Sparkle" Logo on front in Silver
    AP-000      $12.95

       Call for availability



These cool shirts would definitely make you stand out in the crowd when showing off your Honda at a bike show or riding around town...get yours today!

- 100% Cotton

- Tag-less

- Pre-shrunk

- Tee-Shirts are black with vintage logos (Both sides)

- Heavyweight but breathable shirt construction suitable for riding, or everyday wear

- Logos are an "off white" antique color

AP-009                  $18.00


(2XL, XL, large, and medium temporarily out of stock)



Pants and Shorts: Call To Order


Perfect edition to your T-Shirt

-Features "X" patch

-Extra side pocket for your convenience

-Dickies Brand

Call to order!

(715) 356-7346

Cycle X Shop Pants

-Dickies brand pants

-Heavy duty material proven to stand up to the dirtiest of shops

-Features "X" patch

-Extra side pocket for your convenience

Call to order!



Want to be the envy of your friends?

Want to show off your cool bike at work or in your garage?

Get a Light Up sign with YOUR bike pictured on it!



Call to order!

*Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery if not in stock.

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