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The CycleX Vintage SBK Heavyweight lap record at Road America still stands. What's more, only one bike in the new Next Gen SBK class was able to beat it. Guy on a 140 hp ex AMA Honda RC30. He beat it by less than a second.


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New Products Honda Hot Rod Motors:

High performance and stock motors for sale.


Honda Carb Systems:

Make your Stocker, Racer or Chopper roar to life with our Carb Systems, accessories and even our rebuild program.


Engine Parts:

Pistons, Valves, Springs, Cams, Gaskets, etc. Anything you need for your engine, you'll find it here.

Motor/Chassis Dress Up:

Dress to impress with these brand new, covers, bolts, gauges and other great looking components for you motor and bike.

High Performance Engine Coating:

Proven Heat Coating for Transmissions, Pistons, Rocker Arms and Shafts and Clutch Plates.

DOHC Products:

Exhausts, Ignitions, Gaskets and Carbs.

Chrome and Chrome Exchange:

Send us your old, tired, and worn parts, we'll send you lively, chrome ones to compliment your motor


Cycle X Exclusive Exhausts and Power-Up Kits for your "go fast" racer or custom project!  

Frame and Front End:

Fork Tubes, Shocks, Frames, Triple Trees, etc.

Electrical and Ignition:

Ignitions and electrical accessories...get the juices flowing back in your bike.


Let your motor breathe with our vast selection of filters-paper and foam.

Chain and Sprocket:

Freshen up your sprockets and chains with our many different gearing options we offer.

Levers and Cables:

Push/Pull cables, throttles, levers and extended cables.

Honda CB 500 / 550
Oil Related:

Oil Coolers, Spin on Adaptors, Oil Gauges, Oil Line Adaptors, Oil Line etc.


Light your bike up with our vast selection of Headlights, Taillights and Blinkers!

Trikes/Trike Frames:

Kind of speaks for itself.

Fuel and Tanks:

Flush Mount Tanks, Single and Dual Cap Alien tanks and petcocks.

Handlebars and Accessories:

Clip-ons, Drag Bars, Superbike Bars, Clubmans, Broomsticks, Daytona Bars and Apes

Wheels And Accessories:

Brake Pads, Wheels, Master Cylinders, Axels etc.


Machine Work and Services:

Cylinder boring, porting and polishing

Mufflers and

Reducers, Exhaust Spigots, Exhaust Clamps  


Raw Fenders for your project bike.




Our Customers:

Customer Pictures and Testimonials

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Cliff Anderson Custom Helmets

Cliff Anderson Custom Paint

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