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These refurbished section is intended to help you with savings on shipping parts to us, savings on up-charges because there is not a core to exchange and saving time because the parts listed below are already done and are for sale on a outright sale basis (no core needed).


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Transmission Parts


Final Drive #1

Used on high performance 1976 & under engine cases.
This is the preferred final drive shaft because the chain oiler hole has been eliminated from the factory. But, more importantly, the shaft is solid and will not break under extreme horsepower conditions. Inspected, blasted and new bearings have been installed.

Limited quantity available. (2)

ENL-FD1     Refurbished price - $47.95

Final Drive #2

Used on 1976 & under engine cases.
Inspected, blasted and new bearings have been installed. The chain oiler has our alloy plug to eliminate the messy oiler.

Limited quantity available. (2)

ENL-FD2     Refurbished price - $47.95


Final Drive #3

Used on 77-78 engine cases.
Inspected, blasted and new bearings have been installed.

Limited quantity available. (2)

ENL-FD3     Refurbished price - $47.95






The Highest Level!

These are the most complete motor drive train assemblies ever offered.
Not only are they completely refurbished, they are greatly improved with all the procedures and products mentioned below.

These transmissions are refurbished with tender care. They are reconditioned with our pro-cut gear clusters and ready to go.

* Glass bead gear assemblies for inspection. (Also, makes them purdy)
* Magnaflux gears (Generally an additional cost elsewhere, not here)
* Pro-cut undercut gears (A must for Hot-rod Honda SOHC's)
Race proven.


Final drive #1:

Used on high performance 1976 & under engine cases.
This is the preferred final drive shaft because the chain oiler hole has been eliminated from the factory. But, more importantly, the shaft is solid and will not break under extreme horsepower conditions. Inspected, blasted and new bearings have been installed.


Transmission bearing set:

These 7 transmission bearings are Japanese steel bearings .
Note: Notice the larger output bearing (lower right) this bearing is used on later years and preferred by high-performance folks.


World class refurbished chain wheel and balanced clutch hub:

Note: Before we go any further with our explanation of cush drives and rebuilding cush drives, we must mention that Honda has not offered these parts for years. Secondly, most racers and people that are desperate for a fix will use "O" ring material sold in bulk and cut it to size. The trouble with "O" ring material sold in bulk is the fluctuation of the outside diameter and the rubber quality itself.

Note: It is not uncommon for the outside diameter of "O" material to fluctuate .030 or more.
Introducing the Cycle X Nitrile blended molded cush drive rubbers with 85 +/- Durometer hardness.


This addition to our refurbished Honda CB750 section is something that many people are aware of, but sometimes ignore. Meaning, the cush drive rubbers on the inside of the hub that are disintegrated about 50% of the time. Call it father time or they just lead a hard life.

So here is what we do...

We disassemble the cush drive and glass bead for inspection. The inner portion of the hub is drilled and tapped for screws to replace the long rivets installed by Honda to hold the drive together.

Before installing the new cush drive rubbers, we measure the amount of deflection or wobble the two sprockets have. Most hubs have different measurements. But, they generally deflect or wobble over 2mm measured by the outer tooth area, relying on the cush rubbers to keep things somewhat stable.

With that said, we surface the outer plates and machine the inner portion to reduce this deflection and wobble.

Before we install the specific length and material cush drive rubbers, we remove and install (2) new needle bearings on the inside.
The cush drive is now assembled and ready to go.

By the way...
Like crankshafts and alternator rotors, the cush drives and outer steel clutch hubs are not balanced.

As an option, we are also offering balancing the cush drive and outer steel clutch hub as a unit.

Because real life story's are sometimes better than written words. Our Honda cb750 vintage heavyweight super-bike road-racer had this same cush drive process done to it in 2012 and the motor is still together and running strong after all these years. The bike was sold and is still racing in Ireland.

Limited quantity available. (1)

Refurbished price - $699.00

In stock, call to order.




Cryogenically Treated Pro-Cut Honda CB750 Transmission (Early Version)

This transmission is perfect!
Cryogenically treated transmissions are generally used in the truck pulling and auto drag race world.
We are told that the transmissions are lasting 3 to 4 times longer.


RF-52     Refurbished price - $549.00











Rebuilt and Balanced Clutch/Chain Wheel Assembly

These clutch and chain wheel assemblies ready to bolt in. They include all the above mentioned parts and labor functions. They have been balanced to perfection. (The best)

These instruction sheets will help you identify if you have an early or late.

Early is 1.460 clutch pack thickness. Late is 1.560 clutch pack thickness. (Steels and frictions combined thickness.)

For more info on our springs pictured here, check out our clutch page.
(ENL-027, ENL-028, & ENL-029)

Limited quantity available. (1)

CD-005     Refurbished price - $299.00




Crankshafts and Related


Cycle X (Prime Rib) Super Crankshaft Assemblies

This Super crank is for you serious race folks.
Cycle X super cranks weigh 17.6 lbs (stock is 22.8, although stock cranks vary in weight a bit)
-Lightened (turned and milled)
-Soda blasted.
-Journal oil holes relieved.
-Micro polished.
-Oil ball bearings removed and tapped for socket style plugs.
-Cleaned and ready to go 

-Cycle X super rods are installed with OEM Honda rod bearings, ready to go!

Limited quantity available. (2)

ENL-009     Refurbished price - $1,100.00





Cycle X Super Rods

Cycle X Super-Rods have been designed and tested to meet the most demanding applications.

Our Super Rods are built with the latest technology and materials.

Our connecting rod quality will be hard to match, our price will be impossible to beat.

The best just got better! Our Super Rods now includes ARP bolts for free!

Not made in China.
Cycle X Race Team Approved

More information here!

Limited quantity available. (2)

ENL-001     Refurbished price - $499.00




Cylinders and Heads


Thermo Barrier Coating

We are reintroducing or reminding the public about thermo barrier coatings for pistons and combustion chambers. This is the same coating used on our vintage heavyweight super bike (AHRMA) which had remarkable long intervals between tear-downs. 

Here's one of my favorite tests from years ago...
The dome coatings in particular were tested on a hot rod v-twin motor (Harley) that started when the owner was super skeptical about the claims of thermo barrier coatings.

Here's what he did...

The front cylinder piston was uncoated. The rear cylinder piston was coated with the above mentioned process. During the running process, the heat sensors showed the rear cylinder 65 degrees cooler. True story. We have noticed the benefits of these coatings many, many years ago and have decided to stock thermo barrier pistons and cylinder heads for the performance minded.

Cylinder and head price to be announced.




Thermal/Skirt Coated Pistons (.050)
Bored & honed to perfection.

These pistons have been race proven coated with thermal top coating to repel unwanted heat.
Skirt coated for added protection and the best rings money can buy.

This cylinder has our deluxe bore and hone procedure:

✔ Glass beaded.
✔ Bored and Honed to perfection.
✔ Surfaced to clean-up
✔ Fins are near perfect.

RF-50     Refurbished price - $489.00

Call for availability.




970cc Double Coated Wiseco Pistons and Resleeved Cylinder Combo

These pistons have been coated with our thermal barrier process to repel unwanted heat. To really reap the benefits of thermal coatings, the combustion chamber in the cylinder head should be coated also. The piston skirts have also been coated with our race proven procedure for additional protection.

This near perfect cylinder has been resleeved to the 970cc displacement with our Cycle X sleeves (best in the industry).
Also, we machine new "O" ring grooves in the bottom to keep oil from creeping up and leaking through the cylinder sleeves.
This cylinder is also the preferred early version without the 8 bigger drain holes.

Comes with head gasket. (Not shown.)

Limited quantity available. (1)

RF-51     Refurbished price - $1,299.00




.050 Double Coated Cycle X Pistons

These thermal barrier and piston skirt coating are a race proven combination.

The cylinder has been glass beaded, surfaced, bored and honed to perfection.

Note: The cylinder fins are perfect.

Limited quantity available. (1)

RF-53     Refurbished price - $449.99




Other Refurbished Parts


Honda CB750 SOHC Reconditioned OEM Oil Pumps

Cleaned, checked, new "O" rings, gasket and shimmed pressure relief valve for added and consistent pressure.

Available on a exchange or outright purchase basis.


We took 63 oil pumps apart, inspected and reconditioned only the best survivors from the olden days.

These oil pumps were fitted with all new rubber parts, gasket and springs.

Limited quantity available. (2)

OL-086     Refurbished price - $79.95









Stator and Field Coil for Honda CB750 SOHC

These parts are not refurbished. They are just good, tested, pre-owned charging system components.

Limited quantity available. (1)

RF-54     Refurbished price - $75.00




Honda CB750 SOHC Starter Motor

This starter motor has not been refurbished. It has been taken apart, cleaned, tested and reassembled.

Limited quantity available. (1)

RF-55     Refurbished price - $39.00







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