"I just want to thank Ken at Cycle X for all his assistance with my clutch problems. I had a Barnett extra plate clutch, and although it didn't slip, it had jerky and noisy engagement. I tried a different clutch and that engaged smoothly and quietly but slipped in the upper gears. Cycle X 6 spring conversion cured all these problems. I've attached some pictures of my bike. Thank you."

- Turbo Gregg

Check it out!
Coated steel clutch plates removed from a drag bike with almost 400 runs.
If there was any question whether our coated steels pass the test of time and abuse, click on the photo.



Best Honda CB750 cable in the world!

These clutch cables were made for us and feature heavy duty outer sheath and nylon lined inner tube. Even the internal wire has a bit of nylon incorporated into it. You will never have a smoother clutch cable feel and smoother operating clutch. The cables will be available in standard and minus 3 inch lengths and minus 5 for you clip-on handle bar folks.

Quote from a happy CycleX clutch cable owner:
Dear CycleX, I had no idea this clutch cable was that smooth.
Big thanks from a arthritis sufferer. 

#CLTC-000  $ 64.95
Standard length is 48 inches. Available in minus 3 and 5 inches.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    CHOOSE CABLE LENGTH:









" Your Ultimate Clutch Setup, Along With The Teflon Lined Cable, Is Better Than Advertised. No Grinding, Positive Smooth Shifting, Easy Finding Neutral And Lever Pressure & Engagement Are Outstanding In My 836. Everything A Clutch Should Be.
 Eric S. In Arizona




The Ultimate Clutch Kit!
New 5 Plate System

Why is this the "ultimate" system?

We've corrected some of the problems with the Honda CB750's and included high-end products to complete the kit. We have continued developing the Cycle X system and people are raving about the 5 plate system.

1)  Includes a billet lifter plate. You know, the plate that breaks when you are tightening the springs. New lifter plate bearing included.

2) Includes the proper spacer, steels and frictions. This arrangement will keep the friction plates away from the alloy OEM clutch center and pressure plate. No more chattering, grabby, noisy and inconsistent operation.

3) Speaking of high-end products, the kit includes Barnett steel and friction plates.

4) EBC medium pressure springs to keep your left hand happier.

5) Cycle X "no leak" clutch cover gasket. Super quality!

6) Bolts and oil seals. You might need them.

Guaranteed satisfaction.

Can't tell if you have an early or late model? These instructions should help you identify.
Early is 1.460 clutch pack thickness. Late is 1.560 clutch pack thickness. (Steels and frictions combined thickness.)


ENL-035     $249.00

Early or late clutch hub?
















New Six Spring Honda CB750 SOHC Clutch System for High Horsepower Applications

The six spring, seven friction and steel clutch system is a bolt-in upgrade for your Honda CB750 SOHC hot rod. These systems have been around for years and are generally used on 90+ horsepower Hondas or synthetic oiled race bikes. The frictions, steels, and springs are interchangeable with all CB750 SOHC models up to 1978.

Cycle X 6 spring clutch system benefits:
The six springs give a clutch tuner more pressure options. For example: 3 weak springs, 3 strong springs, 6 weak or 6 strong springs.
8 friction plate design will handle the most demanding horsepower applications without using ridiculous spring pressures used on 4 spring designs.
New steels are included to insure the system will work perfectly.
New mild pressure springs are generally perfect for most applications.

Kit includes:
6 spring pressure plate with new bearing.
Inner clutch hub "modified".
Outer steel clutch hub "modified".
Glass beaded and modified clutch cover with bolts, gasket and oil seals.
New clutch springs.
New clutch fibers.
New clutch steels.

Note: This kit consists of new, modified and refurbished Honda parts.

ENL-030     $449.00








New! Lock Up Clutch (33% Lighter)
Extreme, Extreme Duty

Some high horsepower Honda's have a tendency to have clutch slippage in high gear.
Most people will install heavy duty springs to overcome this problem, but creating a stiff feel at the lever.
Heavy springs can make your clutch lose its nice, easy operation when leaving the stop and go light. 

Our lock up clutch will increase pressure with RPM (Guaranteed not to slip)
Lock up clutch kit includes:
Billet spacer plate
Clutch plates
(2) Oil seals
Lock-up Pressure Plate (33% lighter)
(2) Gaskets
(2) Dowell pins
Extended clutch adjustor
Oh yeah, and looks cool

Call to order.













Cycle X Clutch Accessories


Heavy Duty Billet Lifter Plate

Have you ever broke an OEM lifter plate when tightening the clutch springs?
You will some day!

Anyway, here are some heavy-duty billet lifter plates with new bearings installed.
Problem solved.


ENL-036     $63.95






Barnett Clutch Plates (69-78) Honda CB750 SOHC

These Barnett clutch plates have been added to our large line-up of clutching options for Honda CB750s from mild to big horsepower applications.
These Barnett clutch plates upgrade for the six spring system.


ENL-034     $88.95







New Steels (Tumbled)

These steels are world class quality and tumbled to remove possible sharp edges. 
Same steels used in our 6 spring system.


ENL-032     $9.49 each










Drilled Outer Clutch Hubs

These hubs are accurately drilled to reduce weight and help with additional oiling.
These drilled hubs are a option for the six spring system or for your go-fast project with OEM clutch arrangements. 


ENL-033     $49.95

Can't tell if you have an early or late model? These instructions should help you identify.
Early is 1.460 clutch pack thickness. Late is 1.560 clutch pack thickness. (Steels and frictions combined thickness.)

Call to order. Exchange basis only.


$ 16.99





Clutch Spring Shims

Comes in sets of eight. (8) Great for adjusting pressure to springs.

Stock clutch springs are generally about 49 lbs of pressure when installed (generally)
Some heavy duty clutch springs can be 110 lbs or more at the installed height. (Overkill, in our opinion)
Here are some clutch shims that will add a few pounds without a painfully hard to pull clutch lever.
1 shim per post will generally add 7-8 lbs
2 shims per post will generally add 15-16 lbs


$12.95            ENL-024





Honda CB750 Clutch Nut Socket

You will need this socket to do your clutch change.

$14.99         ENL-022







"Well, as usual, Ken is the all knowing guru when it comes to anything CB related. I called him a month ago to see if he could help me with my clutch dragging problems.

No matter how I tried to adjust my clutch, it always dragged when I pulled it in. This made life unpleasant at stoplights and in traffic. The bike always wanted to pull forward and if it wasn't rolling, finding neutral was next to impossible. I tried to remedy this by adjusting it with no slack in the cable, but that made it slip under heavy load and still refuse to totally disengage when I needed it to.

Ken pointed out to me that Honda had some issues with their clutches in the 70's and they had done a number of things to try to correct them. One thing they did, which my clutch had, which my clutch had, was this funky double steel riveted disc in the middle of the stack. WEIRD! Ken also pointed out that Honda put friction discs on the outside of the stack, making contact with the aluminum basket.

Anyway, he suggested that I try his four friction disc clutch with coated steel discs and machined spacer. This reduces the number of friction discs from seven to only four, but retains a count of five steel discs by leaving two steels on the outside of the stack so the friction discs do not touch the aluminum basket. It also eliminated that one strange double steel from the middle of the stack. The kit also included eight spring shims which I installed because I have a hot rod motor built by Ken that puts out nearly twice the stock Honda HP. The shims obviously increased the length of the springs to make up for the newly found room in the clutch basket. I thought this would make it harder to pull the clutch in, but I honestly can't tell the difference in the pull at all.

Of course I worried that the clutch might not be able to hold the load of me and my 90+ rear wheel HP Cycle X motor without slipping. No such problem.

I put the clutch in on Friday afternoon and rode about 400 miles over the weekend. I tore up the twisties and did a few high speed runs, including a couple 110 MPH + blasts with no clutch slipping. Now when I pull the clutch in, it disengages and allows me to find neutral with ease, whether I'm rolling or at a complete stand still.

I am now enjoying perfect clutch bliss and serenity. Less friction plates equals less stress. Thanks once again for putting my Honda world back in order."

- Ed Fox, 4 friction clutch system customer.






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