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Welcome to the 70's.

We see big bore cylinders from the olden days like this all the time. This is another example of what not to do!

The cylinder was bored to accept larger sleeves and not final honed for accuracy and to get a nice finished area for the sleeves. If you look close there is quite a bit of loctite or sealant to stop oil from leaking upwards or the sleeves getting loose.

Because this sloppy work will let oil travel up and out thru the cylinder fins, they had an idea: "Let's pack gobs of silicone between the cylinder to prevent oil from leaking."

By doing machine work in this manner, the cylinder sleeves will loosen up and start rotating in the alloy cylinder block. Sleeves rotating in the bore happens from time to time, but this can be catastrophic if you have a stroker crankshaft and notched sleeves for connecting rod clearance.

All of the above mentioned problems could be avoided if the cylinder block was bored then "honed" afterwards. Boring then honing cylinder block is a procedure that we follow on all big bore cylinders. It's not polite to mention names where this cylinder was machined, so we won't.



O-Ring Oil Feed Modification

There seems to lengthy discussions about head gasket thickness, o-ring thickness, cylinder block thickness, oil leaks, oil starvation to the camshaft, etc. Anyway, here is what we have been doing for decades. We install dowel pins so the o-rings stay in place. We have seen many circumstances where people have installed oversize o-rings or thinner gaskets and the o-rings worked their way inwards, causing numerous problems. Honda used this procedure on oil lines and other areas. Not sure why they didn't do this to the top of the cylinder.


$49.00 (Parts and labor)






Cylinder and head surfacing.

This machining offering is done for a couple of reasons.
To insure gaskets have a nice/flat surface during installation or to set your piston deck height and squish.











Upper Case Boring

This procedure is needed for big bore applications when large sleeves are installed.

$100.00 (Stud removal is extra $)











Big Bore Cylinder Work
(900cc and above)

Includes: Glass bead cylinder, remove sleeves, surface bottom of block, bore and hone block and install sleeves, surface top, bore and final hone.
We machine "O" ring groves and install new O-rings to insure oil will creep up the cylinder sleeves to atmosphere.









Bore and Hone (Budget Version)

Includes: Surface top, bore and hone. Glass beading not included. (Can include torque plates for another $60.)

1st over $150.00
836cc $169.00


Bore and Hone (Deluxe Version)

Includes: Glass bead cylinder, surface top, install (6) Heli-coils with race proven 12mm long coils for added support, bored, beveled and final honed. (Can include torque plates for another $60.)






Torque Plate Bore & Honing

Torque plate bore and honing procedures will simulate your motor being together. This procedure is used in almost every high level machine shop in the country.











Rocker Arm Lightening

Same technique used in our vintage road racer.
When high level acceleration is needed, every detail is important.












Honda CB750 Rocker Arm Refurbishing

Hard welded and ground to perfection.
$65.00 each rocker arm.

$492.00 (Set of 8)











Tech tip:

Lighter valve trains can be super beneficial for performance increases when "combined" with 5mm valve kits, bee-hive springs, titanium jam nuts and lightened rocker arms. The above photo shows the excess material that can be removed to get the full benefits of lighter weight valve trains. Lightening the rocker arms near the pivot shaft would be a waste of time. Your goal is to lighten as far out as possible.














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