Cycle X Race Transmissions

"I have had my gears back cut from you and the job is amazing! Shifts beautifully."

-Michael (Queensland, Australia)


If you're in need of tech help, refer to our transmission tech tips page.


We now offer 2 types of transmission cuts.
"Regular cut" has a 6 degree back-cut on the male and female dogs to prevent the transmission from jumping out of gear when engaged.
"Pro-cut" has an added 6 degree cut at the top of the male dog that will allow gears to transition sooner.


Cycle X Race Transmissions
* Glass bead gear assemblies for inspection. (Also, makes them purdy)
* Magnaflux gears (Generally an additional cost elsewhere, not here)
* Undercut gears (A must for Hot-rod Honda SOHC's)

Send us your transmission. We will inspect it and send you back one of these race prepared transmissions.
If your transmission is bad, don't worry. 
We have race transmissions in stock, ready to go.

$335.00            ENL-011-REG (Regular cut)

$385.00            ENL-011-PRO (Pro cut)


Cycle X Race Team Approved



Cycle X Race Cut Transmission Gear Clusters there is no reason not to update your anciently designed Honda CB750 transmission with our Cycle X race cut transmission gear clusters.

These 2nd, 3rd and forth race-cut gear clusters are in stock and ready for assembly by the customer. (1st and 5th gears do not need race cutting) If you are uneasy with the assembly procedure, we will do it for you.

Note: Honda transmissions can be interchanged from year to year. So, send us your old gears for identification purposes and we will send you the race proven, race cut transmission clusters. Or see identification information below.

On Exchange Basis

Call To Order
ENL-RCTG-REG     $239.00 (Regular cut)

ENL-RCTG-PRO     $289.00 (Pro cut)

** Click For Gear Identification **



Cycle X Individual Race Gears

* Individual gear clusters
* Glass bead gear assemblies for inspection.
* Magnaflux gears
* Undercut gears
* Send yours for exchange


$119.99 (Regular cut)

$139.00 (Pro cut)


$119.99 (Regular cut)

$139.00 (Pro cut)


$119.99 (Regular cut)

$139.00 (Pro cut)



ENL-012-REG (Regular cut)

ENL-012-PRO (Pro cut)



2nd and 3rd gear clusters are the non-dropout bushing style. Bushing is part of the female gear.

During the production years, Honda changed the tooth count on the 2nd and 4th gears.

Click on GEAR IDENTIFICATION to see if yours is an early or late 2nd and/or 4th gears.

On Exchange Basis

** Click For Gear Identification **



Coated Transmissions
Slick shifting, super smooth anti-friction coated transmissions.
These transmissions are for you people that want every advantage in acceleration over the competition.
Kit includes:
Shift shaft
Shift drum
Shift forks
Main shaft
Counter shaft
All the gears as shown

Exchange basis
Call for more information and to order!




Refurbished Chain Wheel Cush Drives and Balancing

Note: Before we go any further with our explanation of cush drives and rebuilding cush drives, we must mention that Honda has not offered these parts for years. Secondly, most racers and people that are desperate for a fix will use "O" ring material sold in bulk and cut it to size. The trouble with "O" ring material sold in bulk is the fluctuation of the outside diameter and the rubber quality itself.

Note: It is not uncommon for the outside diameter of "O" material to fluctuate .030 or more.
Introducing the Cycle X Nitrile blended molded cush drive rubbers with 85 +/- Durometer hardness.


This addition to our refurbished Honda CB750 section is something that many people are aware of, but sometimes ignore. Meaning, the cush drive rubbers on the inside of the hub that are disintegrated about 50% of the time. Call it father time or they just lead a hard life.

So here is what we do...

We disassemble the cush drive and glass bead for inspection. The inner portion of the hub is drilled and tapped for screws to replace the long rivets installed by Honda to hold the drive together.

Before installing the new cush drive rubbers, we measure the amount of deflection or wobble the two sprockets have. Most hubs have different measurements. But, they generally deflect or wobble over 2mm measured by the outer tooth area, relying on the cush rubbers to keep things somewhat stable.

With that said, we surface the outer plates and machine the inner portion to reduce this deflection and wobble.

Before we install the specific length and material cush drive rubbers, we remove and install (2) new needle bearings on the inside.
The cush drive is now assembled and ready to go.

By the way...
Like crankshafts and alternator rotors, the cush drives and outer steel clutch hubs are not balanced.

As an option, we are also offering balancing the cush drive and outer steel clutch hub as a unit.

Because real life story's are sometimes better than written words. Our Honda cb750 vintage heavyweight super-bike road-racer had this same cush drive process done to it in 2012 and the motor is still together and running strong after all these years. The bike was sold and is still racing in Ireland.

Exchange basis:
Send your cush drive chain wheel (estimated time for repair is 24 to 48 hrs)
Parts and labor

Balancing cush drive and outer steel clutch hub.

Exchange basis only - Call to order (for labor to rebuild or for balancing)

$175 parts and labor to rebuild your cush drive hub.
$129.00 for parts. (Cycle X cush rubbers and screws)
$75.00 for balancing.


Parts available for outright sale. ($125.00)



Transmission "Super Bearings"

Honda seems to have discontinued the main shaft bearings for Honda CB750's.

Here's what we did:
Over the years we have dismantled hundreds of Honda motors and saved all the good parts. Some of these motors had virtually no miles on them.
Because these transmission bearings are out of stock, we had the bearings super finished (polished) and coated with our favorite race coatings.
These bearings are better than stock and spin like ceramic with the strength of steel.
Race proven.

Clutch hub bearing $59.99
Main shaft bearings  $49.99 each 


In stock, call to order



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