This "close out" page is for anyone looking for a great deal on any parts that we're not planning on restocking (we're leaning more towards engine parts). We'll be adding more as we go, so stay tuned to see what other offers we've got in store for you!



MLS Steel Head Gasket (CB500/550/650)

ENG-556   $69.95

Close out price: $59.95

61mm/.040 temporarily out of stock.

Choose Bore Size/Thickness





Coil Brackets

These billet coil brackets will make mounting your coils a bit easier.
Mainly used on high level cafe bikes and choppers.


Close out price: $29.00








"Save the choppers!"

In memory of the olden days when choppers and wild custom bikes were built, we have reintroduced the Cycle X assassin valve cover spikes!

ENG-SPIKES     $162.95

Close out price: $89.00








Lot of Honda CB750 (69-78) 849cc Pistons for Sale.

These pistons have been around for a decade or so.
They worked well but we discontinued them a few years ago.
So, the sale is for 35 pistons, 35 oil rings (3 piece) and circlips.
You will need to source out the 2 upper compression rings and wrist pins.

Note: You will notice some of the pistons have a dull color. Those pistons have a piston hardener/friction coating.

65.5 in diameter. Cast permanent mold alloys.


Close out price: $50.00 (Per set of 4)



Cycle X Manual Cam Chain Tensioner

These Honda CB750 manual cam chain tensioners are better than most for one reason, fine threads for adjustment.


Close out price: $25.00








Super Cool 70's Era Dual Row Sprockets

These sprockets were developed in the 70's era because chains were weak and Americans will break everything.
45 tooth rear.
17 tooth front.
Chrome steel.
Sale is for sprockets only. We might have some chain left or contact Azuza in California.


Close out price: $75.00





Honda Polished Throttle Assembly
7/8 in.

We use these chrome throttle assemblies (7/8 in. bars) when we want to clean up the handlebars used on our custom bikes. Polished alloy. Uses the push-pull cables.

LC-004     $29.95

Close out price: $19.95







Gloss Black Handlebar Risers, 1 in.

Reliable risers with a nice gloss black finish. 2 in. rise.

CO-005     $55.00

Close out price: $29.95









NEW Cycle X OEM Gator Boots

These CB750 gator boots are OEM replacements of the 51611-300-000. A great choice when restoring an old Honda a nice vintage look on your cafe project. Also fit CB/CL 450s, 500s, 550s, & 750s, along with most other vintage bikes.

FR-039     $19.95

Close out price: $14.95







Cycle X Gator Fork Boots

Our gator boots are different because they do not mount to your head light ears like OEM. Our boots mount to your lower sliders and your fork tube.
This will eliminate the need for OEM head light ears for a super clean and 60's, 70's look. elastic.

FR-014     $19.95     (Pair)

Close out price: $14.95







Cycle X Stainless Steel Race Slip-On (2 1/4 in.)

 Reverse cone and slightly baffled, this race slip-on is road race legal.
Deep mellow sound that really barks during acceleration.
Bar-none, the best sounding system on a Honda. Period.

EX-013A     $130.00

Close out price: $89.00







Cycle X Digger Series Shocks (Chrome or Black Spring)

We love lowered bikes for their aggressive stance and short people love them for obvious reasons (sorry short folks).

Anyway, most shorty shocks are thin and spinally like they were on a moped or something.

Lower your bike with these shocks. 11.4 inches long and a loading weight of 440 lbs.

FR-DIGGER     $99.95 (Pair)

Close out price: $89.95 (Pair)

















Mini Tach

Mini 12,000 RPM tachometer gauge for custom applications. Very nice little gauge that can be used on just about anything with an appropriate ratio mechanical tach drive. These can be thru bolt mounted, or bar mounted with the included handlebar clamp.  Suitable for 7/8" and 1" handlebars.

Back lit illumination

58mm dial

68mm overall diameter

53.5mm depth - Not including tach drive connection

50mm bolt center to gauge center mounting bracket

MD-028A     $34.95

Close out price: $24.95



Chrome Honda Gauge Covers

Inexpensive way to dress up your bike.

MD-027   $19.95

Close out price: $14.95













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