Honda Twin Carbs


(It's about time!) New carburetion system for Honda 750 SOHC


Seth from Oregon, one of our favorite customers, included a couple of our parts here and there to have a solid carb system. Thanks for sharing, Seth!



This CB750 Titan, featured on Jay Leno's Garage, has our twin carb system on it! Check out their video showcasing the bike.



 "The Cycle X Carb system is the best new product developed in 30 years. Simple, dialed in and priced right. We wouldn’t even consider anything else."
 Jeff Zeller, Custom Choppers Inc.      (Boulder Junction, WI)

"The Cycle X manifolds with Mikuni carbs are better than any of these modifications (Individually or collectively)  Velocity stacks, straight pipes, cam, larger pistons. They're easy to install and the quickest way to get massive horsepower gains."
Rick Hoover        (Saint Charles, MO)

"Ken's carb system has it all. Price, looks and function. I will never rebuild another set of Honda carbs again. Too much time and money when this new system looks cooler and out performs those old carbs. I couldn't be happier."
Conrad Hoover         (Saint Charles, MO)

"It's nothing but the best and the service is even better. I would like to tell everyone out there that I know nothing compares. If some of you die-hard 750 owners would buy them. You will not be sorry. THEY'RE KICK ASS!"
Raymond Cawley            (New York,  NY) 

"These carbs and manifolds are nothing but the best! The service you get from Ken is even better. There is nothing I know that compares. If you are thinking of buying them, don't hesitate. You will not be sorry. The performance is truly real and not hype."  
Stacey Glenn Barnard                  (Bainbridge, NY)

 "The difference between Ken's Carbs and stock is UNBELIEVABLE! This motor has never run this well since I first put it together!"
    Cliff Watkins         (Irving, TX)

Honda Twin Carb Kit includes:

(2) VM34 mm Mikuni carbs (prejetted)
Special cast alloy  manifolds.
Motion Pro turbo throttle (7/8 or 1" Bars)
Motion Pro throttle cable.
Velocity stacks (screen type)
Carb rubbers and stainless clamps.
Extra jets
Note: Will not work with DOHC

CA-0098    $499.00

Does not fit stock frames



Carb Accessories


Pancake Air Filters for the Cycle X Carb Kit

These air filters feature a free flowing element with a chrome face. We like the off-set mounting flange so the filters can be rotated to your desired look.

CA-001     $49.00 per pair



Foamy Air Filters Set for the Cycle X Carb Kit 

Foam air filters with black end caps. These are some of our favorites because they look good and are priced right. 
These are also some of our favorites because they are 
made in the USA!

CA-002     $35.95 per pair


K&N Air Filters For The Cycle X Carb System

Simply the best for the carb system.

CA-003     $82.95 per pair

Call for availability




The Ultimate Spark Plugs

Apparently technology has reached the spark plug world. There was a few people who have our carb system and loved the system but went through a few spark plugs now and then. They changed to these NGK IRDIUM Spark
Plugs and the plugs had a perfect brown plug reading. We can not take credit for discovering these spark plugs.

CA-004     $42.00 set of 4



Carb System Vent Line

 If you do not like the vent line Mikuni uses, use this! 
Shiny black vent line in 3 foot lengths.

CA-006     $6.95 per 3 feet



Carb Sync Tool

 These (4 cylinder) are what the factory Honda people used years ago. Mercury gauges have been discontinued (EPA). These kits are complete with everything needed to sync your bike. (Actually, we like these better than mercury gauges)

CA-008     $59.00




Cycle X Manifolds

Build your own carb system if you're so smart.

CA-011     $199.00 per set

Surface Finish



Mikuni Twin Carb 7/8 in. Throttle Cable and Assembly

LC-020B     $59.95



Mikuni Twin Carb 1 in. Throttle Cable and Assembly

LC-021B     $59.95





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