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Honda CB750 Refurbished Oil Lines
1975-1978 F Model, 1977-1978 K Model or 1969-1976 K Model
Stainless steel or black braided.

Kit features:
Honda cb750 OEM refurbished motor and oil tank ends. (glass beaded)
Flexible stainless steel or black braided oil line.
Stainless steel ferrules with smooth-ish crimping technique. 
(4) mounting bolts.
(2) "O" rings.
Special oil tank mounting washers. Alloy and rubber flat washers for insured sealing.
For a limited time ...... double angled 27mm open ended wrench.

$ 239.00 Per Set


# OL-010

# OL-011



# OL-012

# OL-013




# OL-014

# OL-015


 Oil tank identification.
The oil tank on the left is a 69-76 K model version.
The oil tank on the right is for 75-78 F models and 77-78 K models.

Brief installation instructions.
Remove (4) oil line bolts from the motor.
Oil tank must be loosened and removed.
Remove oil lines from the tank.
Bolt oil lines to the motor and leave bolts loose for now.
Screw the oil lines to the oil tank and leave the lines loose for now.
Wiggle, push, pull and position the oil tank in place to reinstall the (3) oil tank mounting bolts.
Tighten the (4) motor oil line bolts with new "O" rings.
Install alloy and rubber washers and tighten the oil tank lines with a 27mm wrench or equivalent.


On K models (left photo) the feed line (hidden) can be accessed easier buy removing the lower part of the air box for tightening.
On later F and K models (right photo) the return line can be accessed easier by removing the lower part of the air box.
The Later F and K feed line can be tightened through the opening in the right photo.



Honda CB750 SOHC Remote Oil Filter/Cooler Adapter
These kits are meant to relocate your oil filter elsewhere. Simple oil in-out adapter plate mounts to the front of your motor.
Very limited supply.

$139.00     # OL-002



Honda cb750 Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter.
Honda spin-on filters are not new to market and claims are often made saying changing oil is less messy.... That is correct.
But, there is more to this topic.

The Bad:
Honda cb750 oil filters have a very small surface area and oil filter blockage can happen relatively fast.
Stock filters have an  unknown gallons per minute flow through the oil filter .... Heavier oils might not flow correctly.
Stock oil filter bolts have a built-in by-pass that has an un-known pound rating when they open ... Could be a problem.
With high RPM motors and heavier oils ..... The OEM filter cannot flow fast enough and the by-pass could open ..... Feeding your motor un-filtered oil.

The Cure:
These oil filter adapters use spin-on oil filters with a 13/16 thread size.
 The number of different sizes, shapes and features in oil filters are numerous.
Huge surface areas options
High flow rate options
Higher or no by-pass is an option.
Anti-drain back option. Meant to keep the oil in the filter when turning the motor off.

Have you ever wondered why debris is found in your cam oiler jets and ruined your cam ?
The debris bypassed the filter as described above.

By the way,
WIX filters are the best.

CycleX oil filter adapter and your first oil filter included.
IN STOCK!          # OL-001              $ 89.00





The Oil Pump Rebuild Kit, Complete.
Who has the best oil pump kits?
Cycle X has the best kits!

These oil pump kits are endorsed and used by top engine builders worldwide.

Note: Stock pressure relief springs are known to dump oil too soon and show low pressures when springs get old and in racing applications.
Many people would add shims to the springs and boost the pressures a bit when needed.
Our Cycle X kits are the most complete kit in the industry and also have
8% stronger pressure relief springs.
Our kits also have the discontinued OEM center oil seal that the other kits are missing.

Kit includes:

Oil pump rubber stopper.
     Prevents oil from entering the motor from the oil tank when not running.
Oil pump stopper spring.
     New is good.
Pressure relief spring.
     Important to keep oil pressure up instead of dumping off into the crankcase.
Oil pump screen.
     Hard not to damage these screens when disassembling the pump.
Oil pump o-rings.
Oil pump mounting o-rings.
Oil pump screws.
     Nice and new for reassembly.
Oil pump center oil seal.
     Honda OEM seal, not pictured.


OL-020     $199.00




Honda CB750 SOHC Reconditioned OEM Oil Pumps

Cleaned, inspected, new "O" rings, gasket, center oil seal, new rubber stopper and spring, new 8% stronger
pressure relief spring with (1) shim added. 
These oil pumps are used in all of our refurbished and "hot-rod" motor builds.
Approx. 70 to 80 lb pressures in most motors.

OL-086     $249.00

Exchange basis only - Call Or Email to order




Magnetic Oil Drain Plug
OL-017     $24.95




Honda CB750 Oil Seal Kit
Honda CB750 (69-76)

OL-007     Sale Price: $27.95




Honda CB750 77-78 Oil Seal

1977-78 Honda use this bigger seal around the counter shaft.
You will need this seal if you have a 77-78.

OL-006     $13.99     (Each)





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