Rack of 4 Carbs

 Honda cb750 Keihin CR Special carburetors.
We are offering these carburetors in 29mm, 31mm, and 33mm for you Cafe and stock Honda framed enthusiasts.
We recommend phone calls for exact requirements.


Call for pricing!



Cycle X Mikuni RS Carburetor Systems for Hot-Rod Honda's
These RS carburetors are spaced correctly to fit your Honda go-fast project.
These 34mm Mikuni's are what we use on big-bore, free breathing motors to "shock the world" 

Designed for in-line four cylinder performance motorcycles, the Mikuni RS Series Radial Flat Slide Carburetors offer superior horsepower gains with their maximum flowing smoothbore induction tract and radial flat slide design. An Adjustable accelerator pump system helps to provide instant throttle response, particularly in the lower RPM range. The RS Series Carburetors feature a compact design which is 25% lighter than other performance Carburetors and uses readily available Mikuni jets.

Features of the RS Series Carburetors

-Adjustable Pump Adjust Screws. Sets ON and OFF operation of accelerator pump in relations to the throttle slide position.

-Throttle Return Spring. A choice of positioning pegs allow adjustment of spring tension.

-Idle Adjustment Screw. Controls engine idle speed.

-Adjustment Accelerator Pump. Squirts fuel into carburetor Venturi when throttle is opened to improve engine response.

-Starter System. Provides fuel enrichment for cold engine starting.

-Adjustable Pump Spray Nozzle. Shoots fuel directly into the intake tract for immediate engine response.

-Jet Needle Clip. Easy adjustment feature for quick adjustment.

-Flat Throttle Valve Design. Provides the strongest signal for precise and instantaneous throttle response.

-Float Bowl Vent. Allows atmospheric pressure into float bowl for fuel flow.

-Smooth Throttle Bore/Venturi. Produces the optimum air and fuel mixture flow at all RPM's.

-Genuine Mikuni Jets and Tuning Components. Provides for precise fuel metering.

-Pilot Air Jet. Use in conjunction with the Pilot Fuel Screw for tuning of mixture at idle to 1/4 throttle.

CA-000   $725.00     Call for more details and for fitments!


Cycle X Rebuilt Carb Program

NOTE: Currently not accepting rebuild requests at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Basic Rebuild
 Disassemble to inspect. Ultrasonic cleaned. Reassemble using new float components and gaskets.
 Bench sync'd
Early (69-76) $250.00
 Late (77-78) $285.00


Rebuild with Jetting Modifications
Many folks are using modified air boxes, free flowing individual air filters and such. Due to the fact that jet kits are unavailable for these bikes, we
 needed to develop our own modifications to make these bikes run well. Simply, tell us motor mods, air cleaner selection, exhaust choice and
 we will adjust your carburetors accordingly. Disassemble to inspect. Ultrasonic cleaned. Reassemble using new float
 components and gaskets. Bench sync'd and jetting modifications.
 Early (69-76)  $280.00
 Late (77-78) $295.00


DOHC Carbs
Starting at $300.00, Call for estimate.

In some cases it could be very difficult to jet or modify carbs for spot-on performance when alterations are made, other than stock. 
(Turning screws, raising or lowering needle clip positions or possible jet changes might be needed)

DOHC Carbs
Call for Pricing
Air cut out valves are $20.00 Each.


500/550 Carbs

Ultra Sonic Cleaning, New Gaskets, Replace Float Needle.

Basic Rebuild - $260

Rebuild w/ Jetting Modifications - $275


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