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Picture #1:           72 - 78 (Late)

Picture #2:           72 - 78 (Late)

Picture #3:           69 - 72 (Early)

Picture #4:           69 - 72 (Early)

These photos are to help indentify early and late Honda cb750 fork tubes and lower sliders at a glance.
Photos #1 and #2 show 1972
thru 1978 (late) at a glance.
Photos #3 and #4 show 1969 thru 1972
at a glance.

New fork tubes by Cycle X are made with industrial hard chrome and fit 73-78 Honda cb750's. 35mm diameter.
Cycle X fork seals meet or exceed OEM specifications (Sold separately)
Cycle X dust boots or gator boots will make your bike look nice and fresh. (Sold separately)
Note: Over size fork tubes will need spacers on top of springs to compensate extended lengths.

Tubes now include fork seals!


-3 Tube Set  (20 13/16 inches)
Tubes now include fork seals!

FR-105     $139.95

-2 Tube Set (21 13/16 inches)
Tubes now include fork seals!

FR-005     $139.95

-1 Tube Set (22 13/16 inches)
Tubes now include fork seals!

FR-006     $139.95
Note: This length is considered STD for 73-76

Call for availability

Standard Tube Set (23 13/16 inches)
Tubes now include fork seals!

FR-007     $139.95
Note: This length is considered STD for 77-78

+2 Tube Set (25 13/16 inches)
Tubes now include fork seals!

FR-035     $139.95

Call for availability

+4 Tube Set  (27 13/16 inches)

Tubes now include fork seals!


FR-008     $139.95


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+6 Tube Set (29 13/16 inches)
Tubes now include fork seals!

FR-009     $139.95

Call for availability

+8 Tube Set (31 13/16 inches)
Tubes now include fork seals!

FR-036     $139.95

Call for availability

Sandcast Tube Set (22 13/16 inches)
Tubes now include fork seals!

FR-SAND     $139.95

Standard length for 69-721/2 Honda cb750
Refer to above photos #3 and #4

Sandcast -2 Tube Set (20 13/16 inches)
Tubes now include fork seals!

FR-SAND-2     $139.95

Two inches shorter than the standard sandcast tube set
Refer to above photos #3 and #4

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Fork Springs and Combo Kits

Cycle X Progressively Wound Fork Springs

These springs offer a nice soft initial spring rate to soak up the smaller bumps. Progressively wound design provides increased spring rates to resist bottoming on those harsh unavoidable pot holes and/or bumps. These springs have the same spring rates as Progressive springs at a more wallet friendly price. Our springs have a shorter length to fit perfectly with our -2 fork tubes, which means no cutting down springs. They also come with spacers to be used with stock length fork tubes. So if your ride is getting a little harsh on the front end and is bottoming more than it used too, get yourself some new Cycle X fork springs and enjoy the ride!

Springs Fit Stock Length Fork Tubes on:

69-78' CB750K
79-82' CB750K
75-78' CB750F
79-80' CB750F

FR-037     $59.95


NEW Cycle X Fork Revival Kit (69-72) OR (73-78)

Odds are, your front end is tired, saggy and doesn't handle like it used too. Well, instead of shopping around to find each part, we decided to put together a little kit to help bring your forks back to life. Our kit comes with our new progressively wound fork springs to give you the best ride possible, a 16 oz. bottle of 15W Maxima Fork Oil, new hard chrome fork tubes and new fork seals. Convenience and quality rolled into one! About 23 inches.

NOTE: When ordering via phone, please be sure to specify the fork's length and year for quicker and more accurate service.

FR-037B     $199.95

In stock, call to order







NEW Alpha Fork Rebuild Kit

A virtually complete kit to make your front end like new again. Kit comes with our new light weight complete triple trees, standard length fork tubes (69-72'), a 16 oz bottle of Maxima 15W fork oil, progressively wound fork springs and spacers, fork seals, new o-rings for the fork caps, and new allen head bolts and copper washers to hold dampening rod. A must have for the cafe racer enthusiasts that are looking for style, functionality, and convenience.

FR-037A     $499.95





NEW Cycle X OEM Gator Boots

These CB750 gator boots are OEM replacements of the 51611-300-000. A great choice when restoring an old Honda a nice vintage look on your cafe project. Also fit CB/CL 450s, 500s, 550s, & 750s, along with most other vintage bikes.

FR-039     $19.95


Cycle X Gator Fork Boots

Our gator boots are different because they do not mount to your head light ears like OEM. Our boots mount to your lower sliders and your fork tube.
This will eliminate the need for OEM head light ears for a super clean and 60's, 70's look. elastic.

FR-014     $19.95     (Pair)


Honda SOHC Fork Seals (73-78)

We have tried every fork seal made. These fork seals are the best quality and price.
Tech tip: After your fork seals are installed, lube the top of the seal with your favorite lubricant. This will give your fork seals extended life and better fork action.

FR-015     $6.99     (Set)


Dust Boots

FR-013     $9.95     (Pair)



Norton Style Dust Boots

We ordered up these dust boots by mistake (Oops!). No worries, we threw them on some CB750 forks and they fit and look good! Gives you a little different style than our other dust boots!

FR-013A     $9.95     (Pair)


Honda CB750 Neck Bearings

Safety is just as important as looks. Ever drive a bike with bad neck bearings? Not fun! This tapered neck bearing set will give you support that OEM ball bearings never had. With people changing neck angles, this bearing set is even more important!
Fits 1969-1978 SOHC

FR-034     $39.95

Honda DOHC Neck Bearings


Fits 1979-1982


FR-034B     $31.95



Air Fork Caps with Gauges
(Honda CB750)

You may not need these,
But they look cool...

FR-030     $99.00     ((Complete Kit)

Call to order






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