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Times are changing.
Our 40% sale is a reflection of the times.
The invasion of China and others producing lights, mirrors, handle bars and such is a hot topic in every shop in the United States.
Well, at our shop meeting we have decided to focus on what we do best. Motors and motor parts.

So, everything on this sales page is 40% off the listed price until the products are gone.
We have removed the add-to-cart buttons so only phone calls or emails will be accepted. We removed the buttons to make things a bit easier to keep track of faster moving sale products.
  This section will have our full attention and we will add and subtract products as time allows and supplies last.


Individual Kibblewhite Oversize Valve Guides

These individual valve guides are available in five different sizes.

.002 oversize (3 available)
.004 oversize (8 available)
.006 oversize (6 available)
.008 oversize (32 available)
.015 oversize (8 available)

ENV-100B     $8.99 each







54mm Shrouded Filters Set 79-83 DOHC

FI-001B     SALE PRICE $33.60

Note: Shrouded filters may need a bit of trimming on the chrome metal portion on some makes and models between 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 cylinders.





Quality foam and black air filters for your custom project. These air filters will give you another option when removing your air box. SET OF 4.
Note: These filters can be oiled to assist with the jetting process.

Bike runs a little lean? Add some air filter oil!

69-76           SALE PRICE $41.97        PK-22

77-78           SALE PRICE $41.97        PK-52

79-83           SALE PRICE $41.97        PK-92





77-78 HONDA 750 AIR FILTERS (42mm)
(Read this...)

Our filters are different, Here's why: Other peoples air filters have a tendency of hitting the choke mechanism (Not ours)
Our slightly longer mounting flange is the key.

FI-007     SALE PRICE $27.60







Black Headlight Ears

LG-001     SALE PRICE $9.57


Chrome Headlight Ears

LG-002     SALE PRICE $9.57




Sixties Headlight Ears

These polished alloy or black headlight ears have that retro look we all like. 
They include shims that allow 35, 39, 41mm fork tubes to be used or make your own rubber shims if necessary.

LG-003     SALE PRICE $23.97

Available in polished or black.




Cycle X Chrome Headlamp Assembly

-4.5" Headlight with bottom mount.  
-16" Wire lead. 
-H4 60/50 Bulb.
-Super High Quality Material and Components.
(Not made in China.)

LG-007     SALE PRICE $32.97

Cycle X Satin Black Headlamp Assembly

-5.75" Headlight with bottom mount.  
       -16" Wire Lead. 
       -H4 60/50 Bulb.
       -Super High Quality Material and Components.

(Not made in China.)

LG-006     SALE PRICE $35.97




Chrome Bobber Headlight

Check out the 60s, 70s style headlight. Brand New! CHROME shell with chrome rim. Halogen H4 bulb (7 in.) Side mount (6 1/2 in. wide between mount holes).

LG-009     SALE PRICE $41.97





Sparto Taillight - Black

Tail lights with a attitude! 12 volt. Base 4 3/4 x 1 1/2. Length 5 3/4. Lens approx 1 3/4

LG-015     SALE PRICE $16.77





Micro Taillight

This tail light has a 2 in. lens.
3 1/2 in. long. Clear lens on the bottom for your license plate viewing. Brake and Tail Lighting. Cool swivel bracket for mounting.

LG-013     $19.77

Call for availability





NEW Mini Bobber Tail Light

The Mini Bobber tail light is a compact 1-7/8" diameter by 2-3/8" long and features a clear lens underneath for license plate illumination. Easy to mount with the integrated fender mount and license plate bracket.

LG-020     $22.77





7/8 or 1 inch BMW Style Turn Signals-Bar End

These Cycle X turn signals were based on 60's BMW's. Front and rear lens.
This means you will not need to run turn signals in the rear of your custom project. Die cast construction for durability.
1 3/4 diameter (nice and small)
Fits into 7/8's handle bars. 60's, 70's retro look.

LG-019     SALE PRICE $20.97 Per Pair

Available in 7/8 in. or 1 in.





Cycle X Retro Gas Tank

This is one of our favorite gas tanks from the 70's.

3.3 gallons.
Ribbed for that 60's, 70's look.
Matching ribbed flush gas cap.

20 inches long (tab to tab), 7.5 inches tall, and 11 inches wide.

FL-001     SALE PRICE $107.40




Gas Caps For Cycle X Alien Style Tanks

FL-004     SALE PRICE $5.37


Gas Caps For Cycle X Ribbed Tanks

FL-007     $41.40





Cycle X T-Bars 7/8"

These 7/8" handle bars are from the 60's and 70's era.  Exclusively ours. 

Length: 27.5"  -  Center: 5"  -  Pullback: 3"  -  Rise: 7"
HB-002     SALE PRICE $29.97




Drag Bars 7/8"

Non-Dimpled, Non-Knurled.

Length: 27.5"  -   Center: 5"  -  Pullback: 3.5"

Chrome no longer in stock.

Black:     HB-003     SALE PRICE $11.97




Broomstick Bars

Non-Dimpled, Non-Knurled
Length: 32"

1" Bars:     HB-007    





Clubman Bars 7/8"

Non-Dimpled, Knurled.
Length: 27.5" - Center: 6.5"

Chrome:     HB-009     SALE PRICE $29.97


Black:     HB-010     SALE PRICE $29.97




Handlebar Accessories


Retro Metal Flake Rubber Grips (Size 7/8")


Yes, they are as bright as they look.
screams 70's retro like neon-colored metal-flake grips!
Relive the 70's without the disco aftertaste!

HB-RGR1     SALE PRICE $8.37

Available in yellow, green, silver, and black.


7/8" Skull Grips

Stylish grips for your chopper project! (4 3/4" Long)

HB-021     SALE PRICE $8.97


Handlebar Risers

1/2 by 13 bolt hole
1 1/2 rise
Set up for 1 inch handle bars. But, may be used for 7/8's with handle bar reducers.

HB-022     SALE PRICE $35.40

Choose Color
Call for availability

Handlebar Reducers

If you have cool 1" handlebar risers these reducers will allow you to run 7/8" bars.

HB-027     SALE PRICE $5.37

Call for availability

7/8" Chrome Mirror Clamps

The police said we need mirrors. These are the mirror clamps we use on custom bikes. 10mm mirrors screw right in. For 7/8's bars.

HB-023     SALE PRICE $7.77



7/8" Black Mirror Clamps

The police said we need mirrors. These are the mirror clamps we use on custom bikes. 10mm mirrors screw right in. For 7/8's bars.

HB-024     SALE PRICE $7.77


1" Chrome Mirror Clamps

Another neat little item to clean up your handle bar area. This chrome mirror clamp will use HD style mirrors or drill and tap for the 10MM above cool mirrors.

HB-025     SALE PRICE $7.77

Call for availability

Mini Round Mirror

Mini 3" chrome round mirrors with 5" stem 10MM (high quality).
Note: These mirrors fit our 7/8" Mirror Clamps.

HB-026     SALE PRICE $11.97 each


Mini Mirror and 1" Mirror Clamp Combo

We drilled and tapped our 1" mirror clamps and used our Mini round mirrors to bring this convenient combo kit. Can be mounted left or right side. Your choice of a chrome mirror and chrome clamp or chrome mirror and black clamp.

HB-028      SALE PRICE $17.97


Choose Mirror Clamp Color
Call for availability

1" Black Mirror Clamps

Another neat little item to clean up your handle bar area. This black mirror clamp will use HD style mirrors or drill and tap for the 10MM above cool mirrors.







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