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OEM Honda CB500 / Honda CB550 Adjustable Camshaft Sprockets

We all know why adjustable camshaft sprockets are used in the high performance world. But, stock motor configuration motors can benefit from these also. Have you ever tried to line up the camshaft marks after any sort of motor work or checking a few things? The marks usually never line up perfectly because of many reasons. One of the main reasons on a stock motor with any miles is cam chain stretch. The cam chain is like a rear chain. It stretches. So, install these modified poor man's adjustable OEM cam chain sprockets and realign your cam timing or install your performance cam.

CS-017C     $39.95

Out Of Stock.





Cryo Treated Honda CB500/CB550 Heavy Duty Cam Chain

This is another weak link to the Honda 500/550 SOHC motors. These chains are clearly stronger than stock. (continuous)

TECH TIP: Soak cam chains in oil before installation, they will last longer.

I used to have to adjust my Yamaha motorcycle chain after the first run because it would stretch. After cryo-treatment, the chains don't stretch at all, and the treatment also keeps cam chains from breaking. I haven't broken a chain since I started cryo-treating all of my parts.
- Customer of Cryotreament

ENV-500550-050    $59.00
Cycle X Race Team Approved





Cycle X 500/550 Adapters

Here is what we have been working on!
First...the problems...

Father time is catching up with many stock components and it makes life difficult for vintage mechanics and enthusiasts.
Honda CB500 and CB550's carburetors have their own challenges to overcome at times.

Brief examples:
No room for individual air pods. Jetting stock carbs for pods or stacks can be time consuming. CR special carburetors still have a pod clearance problem.

Our Cycle X intake system features a straight, direct shot for the intake charge and will be available with 2 carburetor versions.
#1 version will have our intake manifold with 26mm CR special carburetors (bigger carbs available for you racing folks).
#2 version will have the high-performance carbs shown in the photos.

Cycle X direct shot intake adaptor.
(4) carburetor mounting rubbers and hardware.

$199.00     500-550-ADAPTERS






Cycle X 500/550 Intake Manifolds and 26mm CR Specials
Version #1

Kit includes:
Cycle X direct shot intake adaptor.
(4) carburetor mounting rubbers and hardware.
CR special 26mm carburetors (spaced)

$1,300.00     Call to order.






Kibblewhite Honda CB500, 550 Valve Guides

500-015    $170.99


Hi-Performance Spring Set

Up to .500 Lift -  Honda CB500, 550
500-016   $59.95

Call for availability.

Hi-Performance Spring Kit With Titanium Retainers

Up to .440 Lift. Comes with instructions.
500-017    $164.95

Call for availability.

Kibblewhite Standard Honda 500/550 Valves

Set of 4 Intake Valves 27.5mm
500-018    $151.95

Temporarily out of stock. More coming soon!


Set of 4 Exhaust Valves 23.0mm
500-019    $151.95


Complete Set of 8 Standard
500-020    $294.95

Temporarily out of stock. More coming soon!


Kibblewhite Oversize Honda 500/550 Valves

Set of 4 Oversize Intake Valves 28.5mm
500-021    $151.95


Set of 4 Oversize Exhaust Valves 24.0mm
500-022    $151.95


Oversize Complete Set of 8
500-023    $294.95


500/550 Cylinder Studs

$84.95     500-CXSS





Honda CB550 Piston Gasket Combo

Our Cycle X Piston Gasket Combo is the BEST. Here's why!

Wiseco 59mm piston set. (0.50 over)
10 to 1 compression.
125 grams bare.
Cycle X developed MLS head gasket.

ENP-00C   $604.95

Call to order.






Honda CB550 Coated Piston Gasket Combo

Our Cycle X Piston Gasket Combo is the BEST. Here's why!

Wiseco 59mm piston set. (0.50 over)
10 to 1 compression.
125 grams bare.
Cycle X developed MLS head gasket.
Note: These pistons are double coated with our race proven "Armor glide" skirt coating and "Thermal barrier" top coating to repel unwanted heat.

ENP-00C-COATED   $724.95

Call to order.






MLS Steel Head Gasket (CB500/550/650)

ENG-556   $69.95

Close out price: $59.95

59mm/.040 and 61mm/.040 temporarily out of stock.

Choose Bore Size/Thickness





Cycle X Shocks the world again!

Shoutout to Will Bass and John Kovach (customers of this attachment) for the pics!

Mini speedo attached to the front wheel drive unit. We think this is sooooooo cool!

Frequently Asked Questions:
 Can you see the speedo while driving down the road?
Answer: Who cares?

Question: Is this legal?
Answer: Who cares?

estion: Has this ever been done before?
Answer: Maybe, but someone will copy this.

NOTE: Also now available in black!

This super innovative speedo kit includes: Speedo, adaptor, and special cable.

MD-029   $99.00

Choose Color







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