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Kibblewhite 5mm Bee-Hive Conversion Kit

We worked hand in hand with Kibblewhite to bring you theses Bee-Hive kits specifically made for the SOHC bike. Unlike most springs out on the market today, that have a "generic" spring rate, these were designed with spring rates that work best with Cycle X, Webcam, and Megacycle cams.

Many people are using KPMI 5mm valve kits on race or hot street motors. This Cycle X bee-hive conversion kit will allow you to reduce even more weight from your valve train. Simply install the top retainers and springs (instructions provided). All the same quality now at a lower price!

ENV-032      $239.00


"POP TOP" 890cc Machined Cylinder and Piston Kit

This cylinder has been just completed with our 890cc sleeves and "pop top" pistons.
The re-sleeving procedure consists of removing the old sleeves, boring and honing the alloy block to size. Pressing in the new 890 sleeves and surfacing. Boring and honing the sleeves for piston fitment.
Our sleeves allow the use of "O" rings at the bottom to prevent oil weepage.

The Cycle X designed Wiseco "POP TOP" 890cc manufactured pistons are our favorite kit for hot street life when higher compression ratios are needed for larger camshafts.

People talk about oil weeping upwards and and out the fin area when installing bigger sleeves. Well, we have seen many cylinders that have had this problem and after looking closer at the machine work We can see why. Most of these weeping cylinders have the alloy block bored (not honed afterwards) which leaves a boring bar machine finish allowing the oil to have a easer path upwards and eventually can loosen the interference fit.
Our cylinder alloy blocks are bored then honed to exact clearances with a fine finish before installing the sleeves.

Reworked cylinder.
Coated 890cc pistons. (Complete kit) rings wrist pins and such.

RF-POPTOP     $698.00

"Pop Top" 890cc Piston Sets with Armor Glide Coating

These 67mm piston sets are designed for Honda CB750 (69-78 SOHC) that are using big duration and lift camshafts.
Generally used when camshaft manufactures request 12.5 or higher compression ratios.
Complete kits with sleeves are listed below.

ENP-890     $559.95


Cycle X 890cc 12.5 Piston and Sleeve Kit

No upper case boring needed with our world class racing sleeves, armor glide coated light weight pistons.
Honda CB750 SOHC bikes love this kit size, with or without port work.

ENP-890-KIT     $699.95


High Lift Valve Guides for Honda CB750 (69-78)

These valve guides were designed to handle the highest lift camshafts for your go-fast Honda CB750 project. Up to .500 valve lift.


Honda CB750, 900 & 1100 Mikuni RS 34mm Carburetors

The biggest problem with the Honda DOHC models (79-83) is the carburetors.
The removal of the air box or a exhaust change can make carb tuning a challenge on these models.
These Mikuni RS 34mm carburtors have been re-spaced, re-jetted and adapted to fit the Honda CB 750, 900 models (79-83)
Problem solved!

DOHC-34MM-CARBS     $895.00

Call for availability


Mikuni RS 34mm Air Filters

Fit the Mikuni carbs above.


Call for availability


Cycle X Honda CB/CL 450 Charging System (Kick only)

We have noticed for years that Honda CB/CL 450 models have charging system problems. We have a bike in the shop that has all the new rewound stator and regulator upgrades and it still has problems.
Anyway, we have adapted our 3 phase charging system to the Honda 450's. Problem solved.
Fits Honda CB/CL 450 models (67-74)

Kit includes:
3 phase stator
Light weight magnetic rotor
Billet adaptor for stator
Starter motor plug
Misc hardware and instructions


EL-450     $399.00

Transmission "Super Bearings"

Honda seems to have discontinued the main shaft bearings for Honda CB750's.

Here's what we did:
Over the years we have dismantled hundreds of Honda motors and saved all the good parts. Some of these motors had virtually no miles on them.
Because these transmission bearings are out of stock, we had the bearings super finished (polished) and coated with our favorite race coatings.
These bearings are better than stock and spin like ceramic with the strength of steel.
Race proven.

Clutch hub bearing $59.99
Main shaft bearings  $49.99 each 


In stock, call to order

Custom Billet Exhaust Mounting Flange Kit

This kit is designed for all the Cycle X custom exhausts (Gasser, Roadster, and Low Boy exhaust systems)


New Honda CB750 Exhaust Gaskets (The Best)

For those of you that insist on the best products available for your Honda cb750, here are the exhaust gaskets we have used.

ENG-EX-GASKETS    $27.95    Cycle X Race Team Approved

Honda CB750 Connecting Rod Nuts and Bolts
 If you are not using heavy duty connecting rods, you should use these updated connecting rod nuts and bolts.


Hardwelded Honda CB750 SOHC Rocker Arms

Hardwelded and precision ground from original equipment cores. These durable and long lasting rocker arms are important with high performance and even stock motor configurations. Many conversations are had with folks trying to make the flat tappet designs survive nowadays. Zinc and other and oil additives are being blended to help make these flat tappet motors live. On the other hand, hardwelded rocker arms are the best option. Recommended for use with all cam profiles, both billet and hardweld.

No core required. Outright sale.

For ALL year model CB750 SOHC 1969-78

ROCKER-ARMS     $492.00 (Set of 8)

Cycle X 4 Friction Clutch System

Is your Honda cb750 making a growling noise when you are letting the clutch out?
Is your Honda cb750 hard to find neutral and getting worse?
Is your Honda cb750 clutch slipping under acceleration?

Here's what we did:
We took a donor high powered Honda cb750 with all the above mentioned problems and installed our Cycle X 4 friction clutch system.
The growling noise was gone and we have never experienced a Honda cb750 with the ease of finding neutral like this bike. And of course, it handled all the power without slipping.

Here is a little history behind the idea of making the 4 plate system.
First: 3 plate systems were used on all Harley police bikes to cure the problems of the poorly designed clutch operation during the Panhead and Shovelhead era which dramatically reduced lurching and banging when put in gear.  (Worked great)
The coated steel plates are something we developed and tested during our road racing days in the heavyweight super bike class. (We ran the same clutch for the whole season)
Also, the coated steels were run at the drag strip by a shop friend and he got 400 runs before routine maintenance was required. To make it more demanding on this drag bike clutch, it was an air assisted release that encouraged slippage upon launches.
The friction plates are OEM composition and stock springs are only needed. Ever try to pull in a clutch lever with heavy duty springs? (Annoying)

Stock clutch springs are generally about 49 lbs of pressure when installed (generally)
Some heavy duty clutch springs can be 110 lbs or more at the installed height. (Overkill, in our opinion)
Here are some clutch shims that will add a few pounds without a painfully hard to pull clutch lever.
1 shim per post will generally add 7-8 lbs
2 shims per post will generally add 15-16 lbs

Kit includes:
4 OEM material friction plates.
5 coated steel plates.
Spacer with added oil delivery.
2 oil seals
8 clutch spring shims


The clutch world is continually changing with different materials, springs and designs.
There are organic, Kevlar, semi-metallic, sintered metals and others.
Springs have different rates and sometimes are very uncomfortable at the clutch lever because they are so stiff.
Lock up clutch designs are a whole other topic.
The one thing that seems to be common with all the fancy kits available is the steels are similar. (Meaning steel)
We'll talk further about the steel in a bit.
Most of the manufactures talk about heat, horsepower and riding applications.
Some designs have the friction plates making contact with aluminum alloy and some with steel.
We've never been fans of the frictions rubbing on aluminum, but on some models this design works fine.    

Let's talk about Honda CB750 SOHC bikes. Here's what we did...
Honda frictions make contact with alloy on the inner and outer clutch pack. The reason we brought this up is because some Honda SOHC models make a annoying growling sound and lurching when the clutch is released. Nobody, including Honda in their bulletins have a cure or explanation for this weirdness.
On the other hand, we've seen and heard this on Harley Shovelheads when alloy pressure plates have been installed. (Coincidence?)
We have designed our 4 plate system so the friction plates make contact with metal plates only. On all Honda SOHC bikes
the clutch pack (Frictions and steels) should be about 1.500 thick (1.460 to 1.560)
With 1.500 clutch pack thickness, the installed height of the springs will have approx 45lbs of pressure.
Every 2mm of spring shims or clutch pack thickness will add a few pounds of spring pressure as a general rule.
Some of the high performance clutch springs we have tested have well over 100lbs of installed height pressure.
We would assume that at over 100 lbs of installed height spring pressure, nothing will slip.
Furthermore, did Honda make an attempt to get better clutch separation by designing the outer clutch hub to accept one friction plate with a wider tab? (Like the Goldwing stuff)
We think so. When you disengage the clutch, the one friction with the larger tab stays in the same location yet allowing the other frictions and steels to move allowing for better separation.
Why did Honda install a 5mm steel plate in the clutch pack? We have no clue.  
We think everyone would agree that in order to have a good shifting and operating bike, a well thought out clutch arrangement is needed for your application.
For putt-putt people simply going to get a gallon of milk on a Sunday afternoon, the OEM friction plates work fine.
If your steels are warped or burnt, replace as needed with new.
For full blown, big power Hondas, Kawasaki's, Suzuki's and Harley's, lock-up clutch designs are generally needed.

So what about the super clutch kit and the 4 plate clutch system?
Well, the coated steels are the secret to our clutch kits successes.
Little story...


Many years ago, we had a local dirt bike racer on a big torque thumper that would eat up clutch plates every weekend.
He tried all the fancy space shuttle clutch materials available at that time with the same results.
Right about that period of time we were super curious and experimenting with various coatings for everything that moved.
We started to experiment with coatings on the clutch steels and, long story short, we discovered our clutch steel coating.
We lost touch with that racer, but the last year he raced the clutches lasted a full race season. (True story)
Years later, we decided to try our luck at vintage road racing in the heavy weight super bike class. Of course, people said campaigning a Honda SOHC bike might be a challenge in a class dominated by 4 valve per cylinder dual overhead cam bikes.

With the Honda road racer making some pretty good power and the amount of heat the bike produced, we decided to use synthetic oils. The clutch was not happy. Slipping, lurching, growling and such. After trying many clutch friction offerings without success, we installed our coated steels, OEM frictions and 40 year old OEM springs. The problem was solved and we ran the same clutch for the rest of the season.
Conventional thinking would say that going to a 4 friction system might be a bit suspicious. We feel our 4 plate system is a well rounded and well thought out alternative to some peoples clutch issues.
Will it handle 150 plus horsepower, synthetic oils, air assisted drag bike clutch releases and last forever under these conditions? Probably not.
We are looking forward to even trying a 3 friction system for street life.
So, select a clutch system that suits your needs.

ENL-026     $149.95

Call for availability


Cycle X Manual Cam Chain Tensioner
Fine Thread Manual Tensioners and Gasket Combo

ENV-107     Original price $59.00

SALE PRICE     $49.99

Fine thread

Cycle X 500/550 Adaptors

Here is what we have been working on!
First...the problems...

Father time is catching up with many stock components and it makes life difficult for vintage mechanics and enthusiasts.
Honda cb500 and cb550's carburetors have their own challenges to overcome at times.

Brief examples:
No room for individual air pods. Jetting stock carbs for pods or stacks can be time consuming. CR special carburetors still have a pod clearance problem.

Our Cycle X intake system features a straight, direct shot for the intake charge and will be available with 2 carburetor versions.
#1 version will have our intake manifold with 26mm CR special carburetors (Bigger carbs available for you racing folks)
#2 version will have the high-performance carbs shown in the photos

Cycle X direct shot intake adaptor.
(4) carburetor mounting rubbers and hardware.

$199.00     500-550-ADAPTORS

Call for availability


NEW High Performance CB750 Oil Pump

New billet Honda cb750 oil pumps.
Better materials, closer tolerances and 3 years of testing in race applications.

OL-018     $749.95


Cycle X Better Than OEM Primary Chain Tensioners (New Version)

As most of you know Honda discontinued and are out of primary chain tensioners for Honda CB750 SOHC (69-78'). we can improve them.
We noticed this would be a problem early on and decided to take action. After a few months of research and development we came up with the perfect solution!
Introducing remanufactured OEM tensioners with our special material for the wheels unaffected by heat and will never wear. This is the same material used on our cam chain tensioners and manual primary chain tensioners. Guaranteed for life.

Updated version features a 22mm needle bearing with a internal oil directed design.

ENV-005    Parts and labor $125.95

On Exchange Basis Only




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