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Motor Dress Up

Voted:  Coolest Products Since the Beginning of Coolness!!


Valve Inspection Covers
Anodized in various colors for your custom project.
Available in: 
Blue - Gold - Gun Metal - Orange - Purple
Red - Black

Gun Metal Temporarily Out of Stock

MD-002    $139.00


Cycle X Complete Bolt Kits (Engine Side Covers)
Includes: Valve Cover, Breather Cover, Dyno Cover, Transmission Cover, Clutch Cover, Sprocket Cover.

Colors Include: Blue - Gold - Orange - Purple
Red - Black

Manufacturing Process:  Head: Cold Formed - Shank: Thread Rolled

Anodizing: Chemically brightened and color anodized to between 8 and 12 microns thick. Weight: 60% lighter than steel, 40% lighter than Titanium. Corrosion: Saltwater, road film or mild acids do not affect anodized aluminum.  

MD-003    $89.95

     Anodized Steering Stem Nuts
...ain't they purdy?

Blue -Gold -Gun Metal -Orange -Purple  -Red -Black
MD-006    $23.95

Temporarily out of stock


Brake Actuator Nut

MD-005  Black  $15.95
MD-005A  Clear  $15.95


Polished Stainless Steel Spiked Engine Cover Kits
Complete engine cover kits for your custom bike (no rusting).

MD-004   $189.95

Temporarily out of stock


Cycle X Tach Plugs
Maybe you knew this...Maybe you didn't...But here it is...

The tach plugs that you have gotten from other vendors don't plug the leak from the tach hole in the valve cover.

This is was such a no-brainer solution to a simple problem, we're surprised nobody else has done it.

Well, we did it.
$ 14.95



 Custom Spiked Valve Covers #2
Very cool ASSASSIN COVERS at 3 1/2 inches. 
 MD-007   $169.00

Out of Stock

cb750 Smooth
Point Cover

Black or Clear
MD-034   Black    $93.45


MD-034A   Clear   $93.45




Finned Clutch Cover
Black or Clear
MD-011 Black   $76.95



MD-011A Clear $76.95




Ducati Style Cut Out Clutch Cover
MD-009    $76.95













Cut-Out Finned Clutch Cover
MD-010    $76.95 













Smooth Clutch Cover

Clear  $83.95


MD-036A  Black  $83.95










Kickstarter Shaft Cover
MD-016       $25.95
















Steering Stem Nut
MD-017    $28.95 


Cam Chain Tensioners
Black or Red

ENV-013    $50.65

Temporarily out of stock



Fuel Petcock Bowl
MD-018    $31.95 


Chain Oiler Plug - Raw
MD-035  $8.95





Tach Plug
MD-019A Stainless $15.95

Temporarily out of stock













100 psi
Oil Pressure Gauge
MD-020   Clear   $80.95

Out Of Stock

MD-020A Black  $80.95





Honda cb750 Brake Strap
Black or Clear
MD-021 Clear  $27.95


MD-021A Black $27.95











Speedo and Tach Covers
MD-022A Clear  $89.95












Valve Inspection Caps
Black or Stainless
MD-023  Black  $139.95 




Rear Brake Rod
Black or Clear Anodized 
    MD-024 Black $95.95


MD-024A Clear Anodized  $95.95



wpe2.jpg (33893 bytes)
Honda cb750 Horn
and Bracket
Black or Clear Bracket
 MD-031 Black $28.95


MD-031A Clear $28.95




Cycle X Shocks the world again!!!!!!!!!!!
Mini speedo attached to the front wheel drive unit. We think this is sooooooo cool!

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Can you see the speedo while driving down the road?
Answer: Who cares.

Question: Is this legal?
Answer: Who cares.


Has this ever been done before?
Maybe, but someone will copy this. 

This super innovative speedo kit includes: Speedo, adaptor, and special cable    

MD-029   $99.00


Chrome Honda
Gauge Covers

Inexpensive way to dress up your bike.
MD-027   SALE PRICE!  $24.95










Oil Pressure Gauge   
Curvy alloy adapter.
Chrome elbow 100 lb. gauge (black face)

MD-025    $59.95




Honda OEM points cover
For those of you that want to wear
the Honda emblem proudly. 
 MD-026    $45.95











OEM Speedo
Re-Popped Speedo
Direct OEM Replacement

SALE PRICE!  $49.95

Out Of Stock

















Mini Speedo/Tach Combo
Speedo Includes: Chrome Face, Black Dial, Handlebar Clamp included, 160 MPH
Includes Odometer, 2240 RPM

Tach Includes: Chrome Face, Black Dial
Handlebar Clamp included, 12,000 RPM

MD-030     $59.95














Mini Tach or Mini Speedo Speedo Includes: Chrome Face, Black Dial, Handlebar Clamp included, 160 MPH
Includes Odometer, 2240 RPM

Tach Includes: Chrome Face, Black Dial
Handlebar Clamp included, 12,000 RPM   

 MD-028    $34.95


MD-028A     $34.95




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