CYCLE X Shocks the custom world with new style air filters! ---- (Honda CB 750, 900 Dual Overhead Cam)
These 54mm or 42mm chrome air filters have a cool half moon shroud for a one of a kind look. (Look at pics)
You will be the only one to own these. 54mm 79-83 DOHC or 42mm 77-78 SOHC.
You can't under cut our prices, because you don't know what we are doing here at Cycle X.

Tech opinion: We feel that most motorcycles can make exhaust changes without major jetting requirements. We feel that air box, air cleaner modifications will need jetting changes. Although jetting change will require a little work, nice custom air filters are worth the effort. To help you CB dual overhead people we offer a jet kit. CB 750, CB900

Note:  As cool as these filters are, a bit of trimming needs to be done on the metal shrouds because on 77-78 carbs spacing is very close. (Welcome to the custom world!)

42mm Shrouded Filters Set 77-78 SOHC

54mm Shrouded Filters Set 79-83 DOHC

Call for availability

Quality foam and black air filters for your custom project. These air filters will give you another option when removing your air box. SET OF 4.
Note: These filters can be oiled to assist with the jetting process.

Bike runs a little lean? Add some air filter oil!

69-76           $69.95        PK-22
77-78           $69.95        PK-52
79-83           $69.95        PK-92

Pancake Air Filters For The Cycle X
Carb System:

These air filters feature a free flowing element with a chrome face. We like the off-set mounting flang
e so the filters can be rotated to your desired look.

$49.00 per pair            FI-002

Call for availability

PK92 Air Filters For The
Cycle X Carb System:

 Foam air filters with black end caps. These are some of our favorites because they look good and are priced right. These are also some of our favorites because they are made in th
e USA!

$35.93 per pair          FI-003

K&N Air Filters

For the Cycle X Carb System: Simply the best for our carb system!

$119.95 FOR PAIR       FI-004

69-76 Honda 750 Air Filter

Nice cone air filters with chrome end.

$35.00           FI-005


79-82 Honda 750 Air Filters

 Nice cone air filters with chrome ends.

$35.00          FI-006


77-78 HONDA 750 AIR FILTERS (42mm)
(Read this...)

Our filters are different, Here's why: other peoples air filters have a tendency of hitting the choke mechanism (Not ours)
Our slightly longer mounting flange is the key.

$46.00          FI-007




3/8 Inch Breather
$14.95     FI-009


1/2 Inch Breather
$14.95     FI-010



Bolts anywhere you would like, And it looks good too.

3/8 line and comes with the hose clamp!

$16.00     MD-708


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